N. Frey - Success Story - Alternative To Meds

Zyprexa, Valium, and Klonopin Withdrawal Success

So thank you to the Alternative to Meds Center staff for all of their help and all that they offer.

Alternative to Meds Center has proven to be a large success. I was taking three different medications when I began the program; KlonopinValium, and Zyprexa. I was taking those drugs for three years. These drugs made me feel several different depressed moods and were psychologically draining.

The Alternative to Meds Center staff was able to help me to get off of the drugs through gradually decreasing the amount and stabilizing my brain chemistry using amino acid therapy and supplementation. The educational classes and Chelation benefitted me as well as it offered affirmative healing. Alternative to Meds Center provided an environment that is healthy with several positive activities.

N. Frey