Coming to ATMC was Life-Changing

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I believe coming to ATMC was a life-changing/turning point experience.

When I first came to ATMC I was hopeful, but I didn’t really know what to expect. To be honest, the first month was extremely difficult for me. My symptoms of being extremely negative, triggered, and constantly ruminating made things even more difficult. However, looking back at that time I now realize that were so many things that were a part of the program which helped me to succeed. By far the most important thing that helped me have a successful program was the staff at ATMC. The staff is made up of some of the most dedicated, compassionate, helpful people I have ever met. Whenever I was having a tough time a staff member would ask me how I was doing and spend time to talk with me. You could always tell that the staff truly cared about you.

Other parts of the program that were extremely helpful for me was the structure, supplements, detox shop, exercise, nutrition, and therapy. The combination of these things made my transition off of medication extremely smooth. Although the first month was tough for me, the second month is when I really saw the progress that I had made. I owe this to the staff and all the parts of the program. I was no longer ruminating, lost a bunch of weight, and was healthier (feeling better than I’d felt in a long time), and I had formed meaningful relationships with staff and other residents. Forming relationships with people has been a struggle with me for the past ten years while on medication, so that was a huge improvement for me. Looking back at my stay at ATMC I would recommend that you give yourself fully to the program by making an effort and participating as much as possible. Trusting in the process makes your chance at success that much better.

My personal story is I was on psych medications for paranoid schizophrenia the past 10 years prior to coming to ATMC. I had gradually tapered some on my own with a psychiatrist’s help with some success, but had read that it was very difficult to get fully off the psych meds on my own. The medication I was on (Abilify) was taking my life away. I had gained over 60 lbs on the medication, would impulsively eat very unhealthy foods, I felt like a zombie and had little joy in my life. I Didn’t have many friendships and working was difficult for me. Also, my mind often worked against me. I set the intention to get off of the meds I was on and turn my life around and shortly after that I saw an ATMC video on YouTube about tapering off of Abilify at ATMC. I also watched a bunch of success story videos and researched the website. With the help of my parents, I decided to take the leap and come to ATMC. Although I have no idea what the future holds, I believe coming to ATMC was a life-changing/turning point experience.


Coming to ATMC was Life-Changing
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