Citalopram Withdrawal

Citalopram Withdrawal

Citalopram withdrawal requires knowledge and expertise to avoid the otherwise potentially severe symptoms that can occur.

All SSRI type drugs can disrupt sensitive neuropathways; stopping the drug too abruptly can present difficulties. The FDA and other regulatory bodies recommend slowly tapering, and warn against stopping antidepressants all at once.

The Alternative to Meds Center has helped thousands of clients who were struggling with symptoms that medication just did not help. In many cases, the SSRI has added much distress, to the point where a decision is made to stop the prescription. But without proper guidance and treatment, this can further compound the problem. Doctors are licensed to prescribe antidepressants, but often are not adequately trained in methods that will allow the reduction of medication to occur smoothly. Sometimes, the physician will experiment by switching to higher or lower doses, or to one or more different drugs altogether. Unfortunately, this may lead to a sense of desperation and even despair. Do not lose hope. We can help. Our facility offers safe tapering, done in gentle steps, and aims to restore health concurrently with the process of discontinuing medications.

About Our Center

The Alternative to Meds Center in Sedona is nestled near the magnificent Red Rock Mountains of Arizona. We provide 18 beds for residential treatment, and clients may choose private or semi-private accommodations. Each suite has a private en-suite for convenience and privacy. Surrounding the luxury-style center clients enjoy a wealth of scenic beauty, many hiking trails, fresh air and blue skies virtually all year round, and the grounds and garden areas offer plenty of relaxed, outdoor seating.

Our staff roster has been hand chosen for compassion and excellence, and we have medical staff who have decades of expertise applied to clients who wish to discontinue medication in a holistic, health-restorative, comfortable fashion. Meals created by our chef receive praise not only because they are delectably delicious, but are nutrition-focussed, using mostly local, organic ingredients, free of GMO and chemicals. Our orthomolecular guidelines for nutrition are built-in to each meal, snack, and carefully prepared smoothie.

Notes on Citalopram

Citalopram is a Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI). Drug manufacturers promote that such drugs raise serotonin, theorizing that will help lift depression. The problem is that drugs do not create more serotonin. For a period, the drug purges available serotonin to stay trapped in the synapses where it can have a temporary stimulating effect (much like cocaine) until it degrades and becomes de-activated. The process ultimately causes a deficit of serotonin and worsened depression and other side effects.

The prescription can sometimes be upped to try and stimulate the person again, but this is akin to beating a dead horse, leading nowhere that a client would want to end up. When the decision to stop the drug is made, without careful preparation steps done first, the person can now suffer tremendous Citalopram withdrawal, with symptoms that include brain zaps, deep depression, suicidality, aggressive and irritable moods, and many other difficulties.

A Holistic Approach to Tapering

Our program first prepares the client before the taper begins, with a series of lab tests to determine such factors as neurochemical deficits, nutritional deficiencies, toxic load, including heavy metals and many other vital pieces of information. Individualized programming steps will include beginning to re-build the client's health through targetted nutritional supplementation and a clean, nutrient-dense diet.

This is followed by a gentle cleanse of neurotoxicity, to stabilize neurochemistry. When the client is sleeping better and enjoys an improved appetite, and is feeling stable and ready to proceed, the taper can begin very gradually to reduce their medication. At the same time, the program also provides comfort and support through nutritional and other helpful protocols such as therapeutic massage, nebulized glutathione, mild exercise, yoga, spa treatments, relaxation exercises, personal counseling and life coaching which are all instrumental in improving well-being.

Find Out More

Please take this opportunity to find out more about our program by calling the number on this page. We have much to share with you and can explain in much greater detail the various steps of our program. You may opt to inquire about insurance coverage as well, as we do take most private insurance, which typically covers at least a portion of the fees. Do not continue to suffer - find out more about how we can help you or your loved one to overcome the challenges of Citalopram withdrawal.

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