Abilify Withdrawal

Abilify Withdrawal

It is not necessary for Abilify users to suffer fierce symptoms of Abilify withdrawal. We have clinically proven ways to make side effects and symptoms a part of your past. Alternative to Meds Center has shown that there are other ways to have people feeling good and engaged in life without suffering from Abilify side effects and Abilify withdrawal symptoms.

Also known as aripiprazole, Abilify is an atypical or second-generation antipsychotic licensed to treat depression, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. If use of Aripiprazole is discontinued, symptoms will likely emerge. If an individual wants to stop taking an antipsychotic, the severity of withdrawal symptoms will be greatly lessened with the care of professional Abilify withdrawal treatment; which may include weaning the drug slowly out of the system to prevent uncomfortable or severe antipsychotic withdraw symptoms from occurring.

Never stop Abilify cold turkey, some of the symptoms that commonly emerge from stopping Abilify include tardive dyskinesia, schizophrenia, symptoms of bipolar disorder, insomnia, and headaches. If use of this drug is discontinued abruptly; antipsychotic withdrawal symptoms can be much more uncomfortable or even serious.

Is Abilify addictive? Although antipsychotics are not known to be addictive or abused, long-term use (2-3 months or more) of these drugs cause the body and brain to form a sometimes unnoticeable dependency. Many users become aware of their physical and mental dependency when they forget to take a dose of their medication; just one day without it is reported to yield a mild to severe Abilify withdrawal syndrome in some cases.

Moreover, an individual whose brain and body are adjusted to the daily consumption of antipsychotics will need plenty of time to slowly reduce their dosage in order for the brain to properly adjust. There are many possible withdrawal symptoms that may occur from stopping Abilify including: flu-like symptoms, fatigue, hallucinations or delusions (schizophrenic symptoms), mania, extreme depression, and bipolar disorder symptoms.

These Abilify withdrawal effects may still be present after withdrawal, as they may be symptoms of the underlying disorder. Antipsychotic withdrawal can be very uncomfortable if withdrawn abruptly, but with Abilify withdrawal help; symptoms are often easily manageable. And many people wonder how long Abilify side effects of withdrawal last. With withdrawal help, the duration and severity are both lessened.

Since antipsychotics are prescribed for depression and other mental disorders, some of the most common Abilify side effects of withdrawal are recurrent episodes of depression, attacks of mania, and delusions as well as hallucinations. What’s happening to create this situation is the restriction of excitatory Dopamine due to the consumption of the antipsychotic, which changes the brain in the synapse. Synapse is where a nerve can communicate with another nerve, and Dopamine is exciting to the impulse of the original nerve to the following nerve’s receptors.

So, when Dopamine is restricted and low because of this medication, it causes the neurology to change and create additional Dopamine receptors. This small Dopamine amount will now create the same symptoms even with presence of the antipsychotic. So the dose is often increased, bringing more side effects on. When an individual stops taking the drug, Dopamine is released in higher amounts, but is not having an impact on excessive amount of Dopamine receptors.

Drinking caffeine/coffee, eating sugar, and nicotine/smoking cigarettes may be added to that, as those were probably the things they were doing while taking the drug in order to feel stimulated. This can cause extreme symptoms or hospitalizations. Then the individual is often told that they will have to take the drug for their entire lifetime, which is significantly discouraging.

The Alternative to Meds Center drug treatment founder has had personal experience down this path. For successful relief from Abilify withdrawal syndrome, we use these methods. Lab testing to find underlying reasons of original symptoms is where we often identify toxins to be the cause. So we work to cleanse the body. We do not allow sugary or processed food, or caffeine, and we use supplements that have been found to be helpful for these persons.

We stabilize neurochemistry with use of natural substances, we practice purification of neurotoxins that have been accumulated environmentally, and we use IV amino therapy, peer support, directed nutritional therapy, yoga, exercise, massage, personal training, and other therapies to ensure comfortable Abilify withdrawal treatment. Once individuals are stable and experience a sedated feeling as a result of the therapies, their Abilify dosage can be reduced. We invite your call so you can talk to us, and understand better the kind of Abilify withdrawal help which is available at our drug treatment center.

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