Qigong is a system of ancient Chinese health care that integrates breathing techniques, physical postures and focused attention.

Qigong is composed of two different Chinese words. Qi, pronounced Chi, is commonly translated to mean vital-energy or life force which flows throughout all living things. Gong, the second word, means work. Together, Qigong means creating energy, and is a system of health maintenance that results in increased vitality and healing.

Qigong is an excellent model of exercise and activity for anyone embarking on a healing process.


There are many health care professionals who suggest Qigong as an essential part of alternative and complementary medicine. Qigong produces an awareness of dimensions of the body that are not included in traditional exercise. Most traditional exercises don’t include the meridian system that is used in acupuncture and don’t emphasize the essentiality of adding breathing techniques and mind intent to physical movement. When these components are added, the advantages of physical exercise exponentially increase.

Qigong has also been found to increase digestive, lymphatic, circulatory, respiratory, and cardiovascular functions. Those who regularly practice Qigong find that it helps them regain youthful vitality, recover from illness faster and maintain health. Western medicine has confirmed that Qigong decreases hypertension. One of the most important effects of Qigong is the reestablishment of the mind/body/soul connection. At Alternative to Meds Center, we have found that reconnecting with your body, mind and soul is greatly helpful in overcoming mental health symptoms, substance abuse, and other problems.

The rhythmic, gentle movements of Qigong decrease stress, increase stamina, enhance vitality, and boost the immune system.

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