Mental Illness

Mental Illness

Mental Illness

A term as broad as mental illness is very hard to define in a few words.

It may be more germane to define it against a backdrop of mental health or wellness. That is because there is no test for mental illness symptoms as there is for medical conditions like diabetes or liver disease. The pharmaceutical companies have been accused of involving themselves in naming, even inventing, some say, many and questionable mental “diseases” to provide a market for their products.

Mental illnesses are often over diagnosed and highly misunderstood.

One would think that it were the other way around; that once a mental disease was discovered, drug companies then worked very hard to find a solution to it. In fact, the drug companies have lots of products to sell, and spend millions upon billions marketing these drugs using hired doctors to, if not invent, at least promote new diseases or rename old ones. They have spent billions on advertising geared to provide new sales markets.

For example there was no such disease as ADD or ADHD in the psychiatric manual ( DSM ) until these were added in 1980. So suddenly and widely promoted were the stimulant drugs marketed to treat ADHD, and ADD, that by 1999 this marketing campaign resulted in a bumper crop of 8 million kids on psychotropic drugs. Ten years later, in 2009 this number had increased SEVEN fold to a staggering 56 million kids on psychotropic drugs in the USA.

So we can see that mental illnesses and disorders and the pharmaceutical companies’ proffered solutions, are observably connected, and as such widely promoted. One must carefully assess any diagnosis one may have been given, to make sure it is valid, and not merely part of any push to promote and sell psychotropic drugs. One should at least get a second opinion before agreeing that one has a valid diagnosis, whether it be Bipolar, Schizo-affective Disorder, (note this label has now been cancelled as of May 2013 and is no longer listed in the DSM manual due to no workable clinical definition) or any of the thousands now listed in the DSM manual.

There are drug-free treatments for mental illness that commonly surpass the benefits that medication offers.

If worries exist concerning mental illness symptoms that have disrupted the quality of life, perhaps it’s time to invest some time in finding out what therapies are available to anyone who is suffering from mental stresses and malfunctions in their life without resorting to psychotropic drugs. There may be a better, more sustainable and effective mental illness treatment solution.

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Mental Illness

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