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Holistic Treatment for Personality Disorders

Last Updated on April 18, 2023 by Carol Gillette

Alternative to Meds Editorial Team
Medically Reviewed by Dr John Motl MD

Holistic treatment at Alternative to Meds Center is a primary focus in our unique licensed mental health facility in beautiful Sedona, Arizona. With compassion and skillful supervision, our experienced team will create a treatment plan unique to you and your particular needs. In this way, we stack the odds in your favor for healing and thriving.

Antisocial Personality Disorder

antisocial personality disorderThe current psychiatric description of a person who chronically and without remorse violates the rights of others is “ASPD,” or antisocial personality disorder. Some might see certain politicians, policymakers, and criminals in the public eye as being afflicted with antisocial personality disorder. One wishes this were not the case, but wishing doesn’t make the condition simply vanish. The fellow who beats his dog at every turn, enforces abuse on family members, or tortures others for purposes of domination and control, the thief, murderer, or burglar, could be correctly labeled ASPD. Generally, criminal would be a workable synonym for this condition. And jail time is the usual consequence.

However, if we are to look at this condition as a treatable “disorder,” then we need also to look at contributing factors and causes for it that can be addressed.

Since its coining, little to no relief of this disorder has been offered from traditional medicine.

The diagnosis is often used in conjunction with drug or alcohol abuse, as criminality, emotional disarray, and poor choice-making often go hand in hand with substance abuse. However technically speaking, it would be a less correct diagnosis unless the antisocial personality disorder symptoms precluded the substance use. Therefore, the prognosis is very good for those who have been diagnosed as having antisocial personality disorder in conjunction with substance abuse issues, in that once the substance abuse issues have been addressed, it is very likely that the antisocial personality disorder symptoms can be resolved as well, through various counseling, and other therapeutic ways to help one improve the authorship of their life choices and personal responsibility.

For some who are sincere in their desire for wellness, it may be possible that this condition can be overcome without mind-numbing medications.

If one has been diagnosed with this label of “Antisocial Personality Disorder” it is easy to see how one could become hopeless in resolving the situation. Especially since the antisocial personality disorder leaves ruin and self-sabotage in its wake.

If one is seeking a better choice for treatment for ASPD than heavy drugs, one only has to pick up the phone for information. Don’t lose hope. We offer tapering programs for Abilify withdrawal and many other drugs, and other treatment options to empower better decision-making and life skills. Please contact us for more information on how we can assist with resolving drug and alcohol issues as well as provide a greater understanding concerning the causes of these and related ASPD issues that may have seemed untreatable up to now.

We are happy to help each person find the right treatment.

Borderline Personality Disorder

A diagnosis of BPD can have daunting impacts on a person’s life; however, it is important to note that symptoms associated with such a diagnosis may be effectively addressed without mind-numbing drugs. 

borderline personality disorderTired of being on the roller coaster of emotions that are associated with a borderline personality disorder? It can happen that the prescribed drugs after the diagnosis fail to correct the situation, or even make things worse instead of better. It may be time to look at some different borderline personality disorder treatment options to resolve the problems and symptoms connected with this condition.

It may not be widely known that certain symptoms like abrupt emotional turbulence, mood swings, self-mutilation urges, obsessions with abandonment, food, or sex, and other common symptoms of borderline personality disorder, may be connected to certain biophysical factors which can be tested for, isolated and treated in nonharmful ways, without prescribing heavy psychotropic drugs. Things like the overproduction of estrogen, or cortisol which are associated with BPD, can be adjusted for dramatic benefits to one’s emotional well-being and sense of overall health and emotional balance. The adjustments are done through the correction of diet, nutrition, lifestyle factors, and other drug-free therapies. This is a very exciting and different treatment approach than prescribing heavy drugs which can provide temporary relief at best.

Lab tests and other investigative techniques let us see possible underlying problems and work up a solution to address them.

Prescribing drugs for a condition like borderline personality disorder can often be a hit-or-miss proposition, because in truth, how these psychotropic drugs work is largely unknown. At Alternative to Meds Center, we believe that more research needs to be done in this area before putting all our trust into drug-based treatment protocols. Please call us to find out more about how the symptoms of BPD can be helped without resorting to heavy psychotropic medications. One of our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to discuss the programs we have to offer in the quest for real and stable health.


Depersonalization can make one feel as if they are out of touch with reality.

holistic treatment depersonalizationMost anyone can think of at least one time when they experienced an unusual feeling of emotional detachment, or perhaps being outside of one’s body, or just feeling a little disconnected from the present happenings around oneself. If one is aware of this happening on a regular and persisting basis, and is disturbed by it, it may be time for a dedicated search for relief from these disturbing depersonalization symptoms.

Statistics show that those who are short on sleep, maintain less than a nutritive rich diet, suffer from stress, and/or have taken drugs or alcohol, are all candidates for some degree of depersonalization disorder. It has been documented that this disorder does respond well to certain depersonalization treatment, such as relaxation, nutritive correction, fostering emotionally healthy relationships with others, and other forms of drug-free therapy. The condition is called depersonalization disorder can produce higher than normal stress levels, leading to anxiety which can become debilitating. In the case where a person seeks relief through drugs alone, as in prescription drugs which only temporarily mask the symptoms, success is not likely to be achieved through this treatment path alone.

Personalized treatment that is non-invasive and drug-free may be the best option.

If one suffers from a level of what feels like dissociation from emotions, life, environment, and so on, it is possible that Alternative to Meds Center can be of assistance in helping to recover one’s health in a non-harmful, and safe, effective way. Call us to learn more about what Alternative to Meds Center has to offer in the way of treatments to relieve the disturbing symptoms of depersonalization disorder.

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holistic treatment maniaMania can manifest in a variety of ways and wreak havoc in one’s life. We are here to help address symptoms of mania in a non-drugging, non-invasive way.

Mania could be considered the opposite side of the scale to “depression.” Mania ( from the Greek word for “rage, frenzy, fury ) is a condition of elevated mood or elevated irritability for a period of time. To be “manic” means too happy or too angry for too long. Some time ago the diagnosis of “bipolar” was coined to describe persons who undergo both “depression” and “mania.” The frequency of mania or manic diagnoses has spiraled upwards and it is thought that this is because the use of drugs has also spiraled upwards at the same time.

While mania symptoms can be observed in those who use cocaine, crystal meth, and other stimulants, clearly pointing to a cause there, it is quite often associated with bipolar and schizophrenic populations.

Research has shown that whatever the mechanism, the likely cause is an excess of dopamine. Excess dopamine is known to bring about repetitive types of behaviors, hypersexuality, loss of appetite and inability to sleep. Also, when dopamine spikes, it could be due to a failure of a specific chemical processing step needed to convert dopamine into its bi-products, for instance after neurochemical poisoning, which we intend to identify through the lab testing process, and correct though specific tailored processes. It is from these observations that the most effective means of mania treatment can be discerned and utilized. Whether the mania was part of a schizophrenic or psychotic condition, or whether it was caused by drug use, a personalized program can be detailed so that the condition can be effectively treated using other means besides merely numbing the patient to the symptoms.

Lab testing allows us to see what may be at the source of mania, which then allows us to work towards correcting it.

If this all seems confusing, do not despair. Those suffering from any form of “mania” or those troubled by persisting undesirable moods are able to procure relief. We also offer tapering programs for Seroquel withdrawal and many other drugs. We have an open invitation for anyone to pick up the phone and call one of our knowledgeable staff who can discuss what the best and healthiest protocols for treatment are available.

Multiple Personality Disorder

multiple personality disorderMultiple personality disorder can be incredibly challenging, however, it may be addressed and possibly corrected with the right approach.

If one recalls the movie “Eve,” the movie serves as a fairly representative description of the affliction, though the story is somewhat overly Hollywood-ised. In any case, the condition could be described thus: A person we know as Joe may have several ( or even several hundred ) other personalities that at various times emerge and “take the wheel” leaving Joe in a sort of “blackout”, unable to remember what transpired during these episodes. Joe may find strange things in his wallet, that he doesn’t recognize or remember putting there, and he may become quite emotionally upset about these unaccountable experiences. Alcoholics and heavy drug users also experience “blackouts”. In our example, Joe may be an alcoholic, as that is a fairly common scenario. If Joe is then diagnosed as DID, or Multiple Personality Disorder, and put on drugs then this can make the problem even more unmanageable due to complications of their side effects.

Prescription drugs can sometimes worsen the symptoms of multiple personality disorder.

Other causes for DID and Multiple personality Disorder have been traced back to certain psychiatric practices of the 50’s and later, such as are documented in “Manchurian Candidate” type scenarios or the now documented clandestine programming that was done by the CIA and other groups. It is fairly certain that simply drugging a person will not undo the psychological condition or trauma that may have preceded acquiring DID or MPD in this way.

Our approach is to search for underlying causes of this condition and provide customized, drug-free corrections and treatments to relieve symptoms.

Sometimes treatment can go off the rails, as it would with Joe in our example, leaving him with unhandled symptoms, unhandled addictive biochemistry and undesirable side effects as well. We are here to help anyone on their road to recovery.

We are compassionate to the extreme and endeavor to assist our clients with utmost excellence and attention at Alternative to Meds Center.

Schizoaffective Disorder

Schizoaffective Disorder Symptoms Hard to Define

holistic treatment schizoaffective disorderSchizoaffective disorder may include varying symptoms and can be properly addressed with professional treatment.

Often when one hears an unusual piece of music, it could be said to be “hard to classify.” It’s a little new age, a little jazz, some unusual rhythms, and so on. Well, that might be a good analogy for what is generally referred to as “schizoaffective disorder.” It’s a little of this, and a little of that, and it’s never the same way twice or even seeing the same set of symptoms in two different patients.

Not only are schizoaffective disorder symptoms widely variable, it has recently been stated that the diagnosis itself is slated to be cancelled and removed from the latest psychiatric manual, as there are insufficiently definable parameters for diagnosing schizoaffective disorder. Notwithstanding this turn of events, the patient still may be suffering from the mixed bag, as it were, of symptoms that were previously classified as “schizoaffective disorder.”

But one does not need to lose hope. If a person has had some or all of the following: a few hallucinations, some mood swings, some transient psychotic thoughts, but nothing really on a predictable pattern, while it is true that one may have a hard time labeling the patient, it is also true that treatment of a sound and effective quality is nonetheless available.

Formerly, the disorder was subject to extremely variable and unpredictable treatments, usually antipsychotic drugs, or antidepressants, or mood stabilizing drugs, or combinations of these were prescribed. It was not unusual for many changes in the prescribed drugs in the course of schizoaffective disorder treatment, as they were really being used to chase symptoms, rather than primarily to get to the root and resolution of the problem. Now that the label is out of the way, one can focus on symptoms and on sound schizoaffective disorder treatment. That is very good news, which is well received here at Alternative to Meds Center, as this is the way we move forward with treatments in general, as a general rule. We would rather treat the patient than a label.

While medical care is often required for this disorder, prescription drugs are not inherently necessary.

If one has become caught in the hamster wheel of chasing symptoms referred to as schizoaffective disorder, and this has not brought relief to your symptoms, please give us a call to find out how we may be able to offer alternative treatment options. We offer tapering programs for Abilify withdrawal and many other drugs. With a treatment protocol based on lab testing results rather than labels, we seek to help you attain stable health and authentic wellness.


Orthomolecular medicine is one of the most notable approaches for schizophrenia treatment.

No discussion of schizophrenia would be valid or close to complete without pointing to the remarkable research on this subject done by Abram Hoffer and other Orthomolecular practitioners. Hoffer’s research paved the way to treat the all too common instances of schizophrenia symptoms caused by all or a combination of such things as vitamin and mineral deficiencies, food allergies, hypoglycemia, drug abuse, heavy metal toxicity, sleep deprivation, and others.

The results of mainstream drug treatment for schizophrenia are at best haphazard, and stem from an incomplete understanding of the underlying causes of the condition and symptoms known as schizophrenia. To be diagnosed with schizophrenia, one would over a certain period of time hear voices, have delusional thoughts, experience hallucination, and other debilitating symptoms. Without any further testing than whether these symptoms are present or absent, patients are routinely prescribed antipsychotic drugs as the front line schizophrenia treatment.

It is essential to note that schizophrenia can be addressed and even corrected without drugs. We offer scientifically based alternative testing and treatment options that may open the door to improvements not otherwise attainable.

Since there has been so much ongoing research and documentation on the success of orthomolecular methods of treatment for schizophrenia, it makes sense to look further into this line of treatment.

If you are interested in finding out more about the orthomolecular approach to relieving the symptoms of schizophrenia, call us to speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff. We also offer tapering programs for Risperdal withdrawal and many other drugs.

Originally Published Dec 18, 2020 by Diane Ridaeus

This content has been reviewed and approved by a licensed physician.

Dr. John Motl, M.D.

Dr. Motl is currently certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in Psychiatry, and Board eligible in Neurology and licensed in the state of Arizona.  He holds a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in biology and minors in chemistry and philosophy. He graduated from Creighton University School of Medicine with a Doctor of Medicine.  Dr. Motl has studied Medical Acupuncture at the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine and at U.C.L.A.

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Holistic Treatment for Personality Disorders
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