Inability to Sleep

Inability to Sleep

Inability to Sleep

The inability to sleep can be a debilitating condition just on a practical basis of not being able to function well at work, or deal with one’s usual life stress levels.

Additionally, if inability to sleep goes on too long, it can also begin to have a negative domino effect on many adjacent factors and processes within the body. Bags under the eyes, muscle aches and irritability are two pretty well known symptoms. But over extended periods of time, many more negative symptoms can occur. Some of the most alarming symptoms and effects of inability to sleep over extended periods are risk of diabetes, obesity, hallucination, depression, risk of fibromyalgia, and even psychosis can result.

While sleeping pills are typically the front line treatment for inability to sleep, this problem can usually be treated without drugs.

Often times, a person will seek relief from insomnia and its symptoms through medications that while they do not cure the condition, can induce sleep where sleep is seemingly unobtainable any other way. But this, if it goes on too long, can also carry the risk of other undesirable symptoms along with it. At the Alternative to Meds Center, we have found there can be a wide range of reasons and causes for inability to sleep.

One of the most common causes has been shown to be stemming from toxicity issues, Mercury has been isolated as the most common toxicity issue as it directly disables the conversion of the neurotransmitter Serotonin to Melatonin in the brain. So therefore, in cases such as this, simply taking Melatonin will unfortunately not alleviate this mechanism. One may still suffer from an inability to sleep. This is because Melatonin can only be produced or synthesized within the brain. A person in this situation is the person who is unable to sleep without drugs, and this is much more common than one might think.

We have helped hundreds of individuals achieve better sleep with investigative and corrective treatment processes.

At Alternative to Meds Center, our aim is to help you achieve regular sleep patterns without the use of medications to cure the condition. We have helped literally thousands of clients who have been suffering, sometimes for years, from an inability to sleep. Our inability to sleep treatment methods are sound, and offer an effective and comfortable solution. Please feel free to call the Alternative to Meds Center at the number on this page to find out more about natural protocols used to correct the inability to sleep. It could change your life forever for the better.

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Inability to Sleep

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