Insomnia, Environmental Toxicity, Benzodiazepine Withdrawal

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Simply put, I came in dying and in weeks I turned around and was on the path of the living again … This program leeched toxins and strengthened the underlying health of the body so that it could naturally heal itself.

I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I was constantly fatigued. I suffered sweats, intense anxiety, a pressure in my head that seemed aggravated by deep breathing and was linked to my growing inability to relax and get to sleep. The lack of sleep was the worst. I got to the point where I just could not get any sleep worth the word, certainly no REMs. At the worst of it I had problems breathing, suffered panic attacks, experienced delusions, amnesia and paranoia. As bad as that, without sleep the body filled with toxins it could not clear. It became hot and cold, my blood pressure kept climbing along with my heartbeat requiring me to go on blood pressure medication. I needed constant medical supervision.

Days just became about survival. I could not think beyond the hours. I could say it was like slow death but it was more like being slowly destroyed. I felt myself losing my ability to think like it was being peeled off more with each day while I felt my body just withering. It’s redundant to say, I suppose, but I felt horrible. I saw no end to it and certainly knew no answer because I didn’t even know the cause. The best guesses I have heard are chronic stress and a recent exposure to a neurotoxic pesticide.

When the situation grew desperate I sought help at a local hospital. They thought I was anxious and depressed and gave me benzodiazepines. I took them only as needed and not knowing they were addictive (they did not mention that) I suffered withdrawal when I reduced my amounts and nearly a heart attack when I stopped taking one of them. When I found out they were addictive I found a Detox Center in Florida called NOVUS. They were very professional and got me off them in a week. Later they recommended “Alternative to Meds” (Alternative to Meds Center) for my underlying condition. Because I trusted them I was willing to trust Alternative to Meds Center.

When I arrived at Alternative to Meds Center I felt old: I had muscle and joint pains, constantly fought dehydration, had a systolic around 140, a resting heart rate of 90-something, which sometimes reached over 100, and suffered odd muscle jolts whenever I tried to relax and rest. My weight was 138 and my height under 6 feet. In fact, there was even some thought that I had lost height, recently. I seriously did not know if they could help or if anyone could. I came believing they would save me or I would probably die here.

They put me on a regimen of supplements, no-sugar diet, exercise, and a chelation program featuring dry sauna. This program leeched toxins and strengthened the underlying health of the body so that it could naturally heal itself. They supplemented this with acupressure and massage. They also ran tests that identified I had too much lead in my system — at least 17x’s too much.

I soon started yawning. That was something my condition had oddly prevented (along with the ability to sneeze). Thereafter I started getting sleep and was able to wean myself off Tylenol which I had been taking and which had been the only way I could get even several difficult of hours sleep. Eventually I would be getting 7-8 hours with no Tylenol, only herbal supplements. My blood pressure reduced to 120 and lower, and my resting heart rate came down to the 70’s to low 80’s. My weight also increased about 15 pounds. I stopped looking like I was going down the Gandhi path of emaciation and started looking and feeling healthy again.

Simply put, I came in dying and in weeks I turned around and was on the path of the living again. Thank you Alternative to Meds Center.


Insomnia, Environmental Toxicity, Benzodiazepine Withdrawal
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