Co-occurring Disorders

Co-occurring Disorders

Co-occurring Disorders

The term co-occurring disorders, also known as dual diagnosis, is used when a person is suffering from both substance abuse ( drugs, alcohol ) and also from a condition of mental distress like depression, schizophrenia, or physical dysfunction, like pain. Often, drugs or alcohol are used to mask or self-medicate symptoms of mental or physical distress. It is also often the case that drug and alcohol abuse cause symptoms of mental and physical distress. So it can be easy to overlook an important segment of the healing process, if one focuses on just one side of the multi-faceted problem.

Mental illness and addiction occurring at the same time can be one of the most difficult situations to live with.

A workman who injures himself on the job, may begin taking painkillers for relief. His injury may be slow to heal or lead to chronic pain, so he continues taking the pain pills and soon finds that if he misses a dose; he becomes sick, irritable and depressed. Now he has a co-occurring disorder of physical pain, and mental distress, and because he is dependent on the medication, he begins stealing to procure more medication. One helps a person out of this morass of symptoms best by addressing each of the various factors of the problem. Staff must have received adequate training and must have a thorough understanding of the various situations that plague an individual who suffers with co-occurring disorders. This is the approach used at Alternative to Meds Center. The whole problem can be treated by providing relief and improvement in each area of distress. This is why Alternative to Meds Center’s co-occurring disorders treatment has become the therapy of choice for this condition.

We specialize in addiction and mental health, and know how to provide the necessary container to address both problems simultaneously.

At Alternative to Meds Center, various protocols are used to alleviate each aspect of the situation so that health and wellness again is reached. If you are suffering from a dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorder situation, you likely require a specialized program where the center can specifically focus on all the various aspects of it. At Alternative to Meds Center, co-occurring disorders treatments are individualized to meet the exact needs of the dually diagnosed so the program can be customized with services that match those individual needs. In this way, an individual can bridge over to a life of true independence. The many families that have used our services successfully form a wide net of support and are more than happy to share their experiences with interested families. You can just ask to speak to a referral family when you call.

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Co-occurring Disorders

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