Mental Health Center

Mental Health Center

If you or someone you care about has been told that the only help for mental health is psychiatric drugs, mental health centers are available.

Alternative to Meds Center does not believe in using medications as long term solutions. Our residential mental health center provides drug free mental health therapies and orthomolecular medicine to determine the underlying reasons for mental health symptoms. Depression, anxiety, mood swings and other mental health concerns can be naturally treated. You don’t have to be trapped in a continuous cycle of prescription medication and doctor visits. We provide alternative answers that will educate you about how to deal with mental health problems naturally and effectively. Call Alternative to Meds Center to learn how our mental health retreat center offers successful treatment without long term medication use.

Our goal is to equip clients to be their own mental health care experts.

Our residential mental health center programs are created for individuals.

Our residential mental health center programs are created for individuals struggling with mental health disorders who are looking for in-depth treatment and an alternative to a hospital setting for their care. Using holistic, orthomolecular and synergistic models, we specialize in treating emotional, mental and substance abuse issues. Our mental wellness programs are focused on empowering each individual to become self-monitoring, self-aware, and able to maintain emotional control and ultimate wholeness.

We realize that many people struggle with chemical dependency as well as psychological issues; however, our treatment goal is to address the underlying concerns. The treatment we provide is created to offer therapeutic, medical and psychosocial support for rehabilitating the health of clients. We offer integrative mental health treatment plans that prepare clients to move to a productive, new phase of life after they leave our care. Treatment at Alternative to Meds Center is individualized, holistic and healing.

We search for the underlying reasons that cause mental health symptoms.

While clients are in our care, numerous treatment approaches may be utilized, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), a type of counseling that focuses on teaching clients to challenge irrational thoughts and transform thoughts and behaviors from negative to positive; lab testing to effectively identify underlying medical causes of mental health symptoms, nutrients and other natural substances to balance brain chemistry, massage therapy, acupuncture, sauna, diet therapy, physical training, and other alternative mental health therapies. We also provide medical care and extensive medication withdrawal and tapering methods.

We use scientifically proven, drug free approaches to stabilize brain function.

Our mental health center programs are individualized for each individual’s specific needs. Our medical team carefully assesses each person’s needs and collaborates with clients to create treatment goals and construct appropriate therapy plans. Staff members working with clients regularly consult with one another to assess progress and make necessary changes. Our goal is to help our clients in creating carefully built plans for healthier and happier lives. Clients usually leave our center with a sense of their goals and how to achieve them. We offer aftercare programs to help clients transition into living life as independent, productive and mentally healthy citizens. Aftercare programs include paid internship programs, counseling, and housing.

An individualized treatment plan is created for each client’s success.

Located in beautiful scenic resort like setting, Alternative to Meds Center offers a unique, welcoming and luxurious environment. Our mental health center provides a safe and comfortable alternative to inpatient hospital treatment. Our multidisciplinary treatment team is comprised of highly trained and licensed professionals, including massage therapists, acupuncturists, chefs, physical trainers, nutritional counselors, educators and medical staff.

You do not have to struggle with mental health or medication problems. Real solutions are available.

Our philosophy on medication is to use medication in a sensible manner. In many cases, medications are needed for at least a short time to offer relief from symptoms in order for individuals to implement change which will lead to more productive and healthy lives. Comprehensive methods are utilized to safely, comfortably taper clients off of medication and help them live drug free, healthy lives. We assess each client’s needs on a clinical, medical and holistic level.

Do you wish to stop using medication, but are afraid of withdrawal symptoms, ongoing mental health problems or medication cravings? We can help.

The Alternative to Meds Center provides world-class treatment for mental health, chemical dependency and other life struggles. Our quality of care, customized attention, and exceptional service is unmatchable. For those of you who are seeking the best, we are a world authority for holistic residential treatment. Are you ready to address mental health and chemical dependency with an effective, holistic treatment approach? In our mental health center, you will discover an outstanding alternative to hospitalization, aftercare plans and unique long term therapy services.

Antipsychotic Withdrawal Success Video

Ryans Success Story

Watch the video of how Ryan was trapped on antipsychotics and in and out of hospitals for 10 years and gets free ...

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