Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment

Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment

At Alternative to Meds Center, we realize the increasing need for dual diagnosis addiction treatment and provide specialized, custom treatment plans for the dually diagnosed.

Many individuals who suffer from mental health problems, such as anxiety and depression, also struggle with co-occurring medication dependence or drug and alcohol addiction. This is referred to as a co-occurring disorder or dual diagnosis, and is much more prevalent than one may think.

A federal study recently revealed that: 53% of drug users also have mental health conditions and 37% of alcohol abusers also have mental health conditions.

Facing the challenge of treating mental health problems and successfully recovering from addiction requires specialized and qualified help. Clients need expert coordination of mental health treatment with education and recovery for drug, alcohol or prescription medication addiction. This is why we created our dual diagnosis treatment program. Alternative to Meds Center’s program in , is staffed by medical professionals and licensed counselors as well as individuals who have overcome addiction and mental health problems themselves.

Our team is experienced and fully able to treat dually diagnosed clients.

One of the important aspects of addressing dual diagnosis addiction is educating clients about self-medication, underlying causes of the mental health symptoms that led to self-medicating, and the mechanisms that feed addiction, such as denial and guilt. We educate our dual diagnosis program residents about the conditions they are struggling with and how to successfully manage them with coping skills. Clients receive peer support, encouragement from staff, and ongoing inspiration to choose healthy behaviors and productive coping skills besides addiction or medication use. Since self-esteem issues are commonly part of the underlying mental health and addiction problems, Alternative to Meds Center makes it a priority to provide positive feedback.

We hold weekly graduations to congratulate participants on their huge accomplishments.

While each client receives a treatment approach that is entirely customized to their individual needs and situation, some aspects of our program are provided to all clients. All clients receive individual counseling, peer support, and group therapy. Individual counseling helps clients work through their fears and psychological aspects of addiction, while group therapy and peer support allow clients to bounce ideas off of their peers, help peers through the recovery process, and receive help from peers. While our program is alternative to the 12 step model, we do offer the option of transportation to 12 step programs such as AA or NA and staff members who can guide clients through that process.

Each client receives customized treatment that will uniquely address their needs.

Upon admission, each resident receives lab testing and medical assessments to ensure that their physical needs are met. This may mean medication tapering and withdrawal methods, body detoxification techniques, and other protocols that make the process of getting off medication, drugs, or alcohol comfortable and smooth. The atmosphere of our dual diagnosis addiction treatment center is more like spa than a rehab facility and offers our residents the luxurious comforts of home.

Our goal is to help the dually diagnosed become free of self-medication and addiction as well as effectively address the mental health issues that led to addiction/self-medication.

While this process does require medical supervision and direction and the help of licensed therapists, we also provide a diverse variety of therapeutic approaches to help the body and mind move through the recovery process as smoothly and comfortably as possible. Therapies that we offer include massage, acupuncture, yoga, exercise, hiking, Qi Gong, art therapy, ionic footbaths, swimming, Jacuzzi, chelation, sauna therapy, holistic medicine, diet therapy, supplementation, whole and organic foods, and much more.

Diverse treatment methods allow for real recovery.

Once a resident has successfully and comfortable been withdrawn from prescription medications, alcohol, or other drugs and is feeling relief from mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, or schizophrenia – they may enter into our aftercare program. In aftercare, many of the same therapies are provided. However, the client is living in the aftercare house, instead of residential treatment, and transitioning back into life and the real world with the help of compassionate staff. Aftercare ensures a smooth switch from residential treatment to the normal stresses of life in a safe environment with support and care.

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