The current psychiatric description of a person who purposefully violates the rights of others is “ASPD”, or antisocial personality disorder. Some might say politicians, policy makers and certain others in the public eye could conceivably be labelled as being afflicted with antisocial personality disorder. One wishes this were not the case, but wishing doesn’t make the condition simply vanish. The fellow who beats his dog at every turn, or enforces abuse on family members, or those who torture others for purposes of domination and control, the thief, murderer, burglar, would likewise be correctly labelled ASPD. Generally, criminal would be a workable synonym for this condition. If we are to look at this condition as a “disorder”, then we need also to look at causes for it.

Since its coining, little to no relief of this disorder has been offered from traditional medicine.

The diagnosis is often used in conjunction with drug or alcohol abuse, as criminality, emotional disarray, and poor choice making often go hand in hand with substance abuse. However technically speaking, it would be an incorrect diagnosis unless the antisocial personality disorder symptoms precluded the substance use. Therefore, the prognosis is very good for those who have been diagnosed as having antisocial personality disorder in conjunction with substance abuse issues, in that once the substance abuse issues have been addressed, it is very likely that the antisocial personality disorder symptoms can be resolved as well, through various counseling, and other therapeutic ways to help one improve the authorship of their life choices and personal responsibility.

With the proper antisocial personality disorder treatment, this condition can be overcome without mind numbing medications.

If one has been diagnosed with this label of “Antisocial Personality Disorder” it is easy to see how one could become hopeless in resolving the situation. Especially since the antisocial personality disorder leaves ruin and self sabotage in its wake.

If one is seeking a better choice for treatment for ASPD one only has to pick up the phone for information. Don’t lose hope. We offer tapering programs for Abilify withdrawal and many other drugs. Please contact us at 1 (800) 301-3753 for more information on how we can assist with resolving drug and alcohol issues as well as provide greater understanding concerning the causes of these and related ASPD issues that may have seemed untreatable up to now.

We are happy to help each person find the right treatment.

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Dr. John Motl, M.D.

Dr. Motl is currently certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in Psychiatry, and Board eligible in Neurology and licensed in the state of Arizona.  He holds a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in biology and minors in chemistry and philosophy. He graduated from Creighton University School of Medicine with a Doctor of Medicine.  Dr. Motl has studied Medical Acupuncture at the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine and at U.C.L.A.

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