Zoloft Withdrawal Success

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Mary now says she feels much better, like a brand new woman. The many health problems that she had previously have just disappeared.

Mary is finally leaving from Alternative to Meds Center (Alternative to Meds Center) to go home this Thursday, September 17th. She’s been staying there for 2 months.

Initially she went there for help to get off of Zoloft the antidepressant. She’d been on Zoloft for almost 16 consecutive years and the state of health she was in had become worse as the years had gone by. For 5 years she’s been attempting to stop taking Zoloft but was never successful doing this on her own. Alternative to Meds Center gradually weaned her off of Zoloft completely in 3 weeks. They also were able to identify that she was suffering from lead toxicity; her digestive system had also become unhealthy because of years taking antibiotics and aspirin as a young child. Treatments with IV amino acid drip helped her get off of Zoloft and also restored her digestive system; IV chelation therapy greatly helped her remove the lead from her body. We believe the lead toxicity came from water pipes that were lead inside of our Grandparents home where we lived in Vermont.

It really is amazing how much progress she made in just the short amount of time that she’s been at Alternative to Meds Center. The doctor from Alternative to Meds Center told her that antibiotics and aspirin are basically “gut busters.” It’s too bad how long it took for her to discover the answers she was searching for. It seems that Zoloft had actually been prescribed as an error, and in fact, the issues she had should have been handled in a completely different way.

Her case manager has told me she has demonstrated the most improvements of any person who has ever gone through the program at Alternative to Meds Center. Mary also told me the program director even starts getting emotional when talking about her story of success. She arrived at Alternative to Meds Center sitting on a wheel-chair wearing a protective mask, too sensitive to too many chemicals and scents and she was very weak. She had a difficult time walking up to her 3rd floor bedroom. She was depressed and never slept good.

Now, Mary is much healthier, her skin is vibrant, healthy eyes and hair, she is able to walk and can keep up which she wasn’t able to do during the beginning.

From all of the chemicals in shoes, she was allergic to them before, but now, she can wear shoes! She also used to spend all of her time in the house, now she isn’t. She rediscovered her passion for art and she paints every day now. She can go up or down stairs without any problems now. She has said life is now worth living. I think it just is so amazing. The only regret Mary feels is she wishes Mom could see the way she is doing now. I think her mom knows!


Zoloft Withdrawal Success
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