Tourette’s Syndrome Corrected After 23 Years Without Medication

Tourette’s Syndrome Corrected After 23 Years Without Medication

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When my taper was completed, my results were astronomical. I didn’t feel sedated or like a zombie for the first time in my life. My personality turned positive, happy, and optimistic … Being off of my medications was a dream I have had for many years, and the Alternative to Meds Center has made that dream possible for me …

I’m Jason and for 23 years I’ve been on very strong narcoleptic drugs to control my obsessive-compulsive disorder (O.C.D.) and Tourette’s syndrome.

The doctor’s convinced my family and I that I would need to take the drugs for my entire life, this was incredibly discouraging to me. Two months ago, Alternative to Meds Center was introduced into my life. The director, Lyle, was very confident that he would be able to taper me off of my meds safely and implement a holistic, natural regimen. My first thoughts were that he was totally crazy. For 23 years, there hasn’t been one day that I’ve lived without them, and vitamins were supposed to help? At first I thought this was outlandish, but took a very deep breath, went into it and kept an open mind. Every day for my whole life, I have felt like I have to take these medications or else! When growing up amongst friends and my peers it was difficult to feel “normal” because none of the other kids had to take potent sedatives every single morning.

And get this, the Vitamins actually did work. I thought this was never possible… ever. My O.C.D. and Tourette’s syndrome symptoms had dissipated and I was also medication free, thank God!

One and a half months later, I entered into a different program. After beginning the other program, the program supervisor chose not to allow me to have my vitamin packs. When I stopped taking them, Tourette’s syndrome came back with full force, and my head was literally spinning without control, I was a mess. I brought this to Alternative to Meds Center, and they put me immediately back on my vitamins and once again, the Tourette’s was gone.

This is a real miracle, as far as I’m concerned.. For anyone who is plagued with similar situations as I’ve been, I would recommend that they go through this process. It is very effective and really does work.

Jason G.