The Perfect Place For Me To Heal

The Perfect Place For Me To Heal

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I experienced a drug induced psychosis (spiritual emergency) after doing DMT recreationally. I started to hear spirits uncontrollably and have delusions. It took me a while to realize I was under the influence of psychosis, until a spirit told me I needed help. I immediately sought a psychiatrist and was prescribed Zyprexa and Ativan. I was admitted into a residential treatment center and put on multiple medications (i.e. Risperidone, Lithium, Abilify, Gabapentin, Saphris, Invega, Latuda, and Ativan).

Before coming to ATMC I was experiencing hell. I seriously couldn’t do anything without uncontrollable vocal expressions, delusions, and demonic experiences. I would be up all night dealing with entities and demons and trying to curse them out of my body. From the time I started taking medication I knew it was not part of my constitution.

I knew that whatever I was going through, I could heal myself with some help. There were multiple times where I didn’t take my medication, and often hid it from my family and staff at treatment centers.

My life was dull, scary, chaotic, and very confusing. Before coming to ATMC I saw a shaman who helped me a lot and I began to get some clarity around my “gift”. The problem was not that I was crazy, the problem was that I did not have the proper tools to integrate my experience and I didn’t have discipline with the gifts that were already deep within me.

When I came to a ATMC knew it was the perfect place for me to heal. I came here on Abilify and after a month, I was completely off of it. It was interesting how the staff and the team treated me with so much respect and compassion. I took supplements daily and still do. I am now awakening to my power as a spiritual being. I will say; anything is possible here at ATMC! I have seen it with myself and with many others. Trust that you are being guided here for a reason.

Thank you for hearing my story.