Opiate Withdrawal Success Seventeen Year Old Girl

Opiate Withdrawal Success Seventeen Year Old Girl

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I would suggest ATMC to any person with any sort of addiction, as I have gone to several different rehabs and now I know there is no place that is like ATMC.

I started using Opiates at age 13, and started to shoot heroin by the time I was 14. I battled my heroin addiction for nearly four years. I neglected every person who meant something to me; I pawned anything and everything that I could for money and was homeless for some time. I felt trapped inside of a world that I didn’t think I could escape.

Fortunately, my mother did not give up; she found a place around 3 months ago called ATMC (ATMC). My Mom and I went down to check it out and see if I would want to go. I felt a great vibe, and the residents were laughing and smiling. I gave in finally and became an inpatient. Then I was given Suboxone and was able to get off the Suboxone in one week with very mild opiate medication withdrawals, nothing compared to heroin withdrawal.

After my first month I started to feel like I was alive again. I began to enjoy life again, which is something I did not think was possible without drugs. ATMC’s staff is awesome, they actually care and they understand. Between the staff and the residence it’s just a big family. The friendships I have established with good people who I can trust and count on are ones that will last. ATMC saved my life, and without their help I would not be who I am today.

Now I am a part of the internship program, which is fun and teaches me skills for jobs and provides me with aftercare that surrounds me with individuals who are making progress in recovery.

Allix M.