Detox from Anti-Depressants, Opiates and Benzos

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I came to ATMC to detox from anti-depressants, opiate and benzos. When I arrived, I was completely hopeless. Had I stayed at home, I would have died. I had enough pills to take to end all my grief and pain. I made a few phone calls to the right people who found ATMC’s 60-day program in Sedona, AZ. I fought the idea of leaving home for that amount of time but eventually I ended up giving in and with help, got out to that beautiful place.

My first few weeks were horrible and I wanted to go home, but I knew that I needed to give ATMC a chance. From the day I got there, the staff was so kind, patient and loving. They did everything to make me feel welcomed, and I knew that with their help it was possible to recover.

I worked the program and did everything. We went to the Detox Shoppe every day from 9am to 1 pm. I really worked the sauna program to help get rid of all the toxins. The spa had various treatments and I did them all. I especially want to thank Lotus and Courtney for all the support they gave me to reach my goals.

I went to every group in the afternoon and evening. All were great training experiences. My favorite groups included John C.’s, Dustin’s and Frank’s in the evening. The day groups, including Dr Libby and Bob’s, were always a learning experience.

I tapered off ALL of my medications. I went home without any anti-depressants, opiates or benzos. I’m happier than I have ever been in my life, I am confident and looking forward to a clean and sober life. I will forever be grateful for my family at ATMC. I will never forget this journey.

– Debbie Q.

Detox from Anti-Depressants, Opiates and Benzos
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