Antipsychotic Medication Withdrawal Success

Antipsychotic Medication Withdrawal Success

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This is a program much more effective and successful than a government funded program.

My teen-aged daughter was incarcerated against her will in a mental facility and put on psych meds. I watched those medications change her very much for the worse.

I’ve given over 20 years of my life to professionally helping individuals who are disabled become capable of being employed and securing employment. I’ve worked with individuals who are products of our systems for mental health, and help them to return to working. The way that the mental hospital was sending my daughter in was turning her into a vegetable with schizophrenia whose best aspiration would be possibly to become a dishwasher (with the wildest dream of keeping such a job position, with consideration of the negative public outlook on the mentally ill).

From Alternative to Meds Center’s help and guidance, my daughter is becoming freed from all the harmful problems associated with the drugs that she was given (against her will), and returning to her normal and bright self. Her always previously very realistic aspiration is to study to become a nurse in order for her to help other people. This goal is now obtainable again thanks to Alternative to Meds Center; no thanks to any of the drugs given to her forcibly by the mental hospital.

Being a person who has done work with victims of our systems for mental health, I would note we have a crucial need for programs that are like Alternative to Meds, or any others similar to it which may be capable enough of coming along in the future. This is a program much more effective and successful than a government funded program. It is giving the daughter who I raised back, that she may be a citizen that is productive rather than the future state ward and zoned-out zombie the government facility would have turned her into. We badly need just as effective means as provided by Alternative to Meds Center that can handle this very large problem.