Ambien Zombies

Ambien Zombies

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The popular sleep aide Ambien has some extremely interesting side effects, so much so that a new phrase has been coined – Ambien Zombies.

The issue seems to stem from a person sleepwalking after taking the drug. To make matters worse the person who is Ambien sleepwalking will wake up in the morning with zero recollection of what they did or said. Alternative to Meds Center advocates the use of Ambien withdrawal alternatives to help people break free of Ambien side effects such as sleepwalking.

In some of the more severe cases of Ambien Zombies, individuals are jumping behind the wheel of cars, half awake and half asleep driving into houses and other drivers. Individuals have been taken to jail for DUI during Ambien sleep driving episodes. There has also been a reported case of a lady shaving her legs almost all the way down to the bone. Her husband awoke to blood all over her body with the woman having no memory of shaving her leg. Midnight binging has also become a problem causing individuals to gain weight or eat food they typically wouldn’t. This is especially harmful for diabetics as they begin eating sugary foods that their bodies cannot handle. You don’t have to continue worrying about Ambien side effects.

Scientifically proven Ambien alternatives are available. There have been some Ambien users who have committed what is known as “sleep suicide.” People are walking off their roofs or even shooting themselves while half asleep. Many of these people are earning over six figure incomes and show absolutely no suicidal tendencies!

Have you wanted to stop taking Ambien? But, you are afraid of withdrawal effects or insomnia? We can help. Here is an actual account of an Ambien user: “I have been on Ambien for a while and I discover food in my bed and have no memory of eating anything during the night. My husband has also told me that if I take my Ambien and don’t go directly to bed and brush my teeth or something, I will stay fixated on that task without any memory of it.” Don’t wait to seek help for the side effects of Ambien.

There are warnings regarding Ambien in relation to a loss of inhibition. Sleep driving is also listed as a potential side effect, especially when combined with alcohol. The side effects of Ambien have become so well known that individuals are actually creating Youtube videos of their “antics” after taking the drug. The scientific approach we employ has helped thousands of people become free of prescription drugs, including Ambien.