Paranoid Schizophrenia

Paranoid Schizophrenia

If you or someone you love has been told that the only treatment for schizophrenia is psychiatric drugs, alternative paranoid schizophrenia help is available.

The Alternative to Meds Center recognizes that psychiatric medications are not long term solutions. Our residential program uses orthomolecular medicine and drug free corrections to determine the underlying causes of paranoid schizophrenia. We offer medication tapering treatment programs for Risperdal Withdrawal and many other prescription drugs. Feelings of paranoia, psychosis and hallucinations can be addressed naturally. Don’t become caught in an ongoing routine of visiting psychiatrists and taking medications. We offer an alternative answer that will teach you how to manage your mental health naturally and effectively. To learn more about schizophrenia and how Alternative to Meds Center provides successful paranoid schizophrenia treatment without long term medication use, call an Admissions Counselor.

Are you overwhelmed with paranoid schizophrenia and unable to receive efficient relief from traditional treatment methods? Alternative to Meds Center employs drug free paranoid schizophrenia treatment to effectively address paranoid schizophrenia symptoms and causes. For those of you who are suffering from schizophrenic symptoms and can’t receive adequate relief from conventional medicine, Nontraditional schizophrenia treatment could change your life. If you take medication for schizophrenia and wish for a more natural way to treat your mental health; we may be able to assist you. Instead of trying to treat symptoms, the underlying causes of mental health problems can be treated, and you can likely discontinue your medication without discomfort.

What is Paranoid Schizophrenia? A schizophrenic subtype in which the individual has delusions (false beliefs) that someone or something is scheming against them or their family. Individuals with paranoid schizophrenia, as well as most subtypes can also experience auditory hallucinations where they hear things which aren’t real. The individual might also experience delusions of grandeur – false beliefs that they’re much more influential and powerful than they truly are. A person with this condition can spend a bizarre amount of time planning ways to defend themselves from their internal tormentors. Nevertheless, this condition does not have to be a lifelong battle. With proper treatment, they can overcome schizophrenia and lead a happy, healthy life. We employ a safe, holistic, drug-free approach to stabilize brain function.

Counseling for Schizophrenia: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy ( CBT ) is a type of counseling that focuses on exploring the relationships between behaviors, thoughts and feelings. Through examining thinking patterns that result in self-destructive behaviors and the beliefs which guide these thoughts, individuals with schizophrenia can change their thought patterns to improve functioning and coping. CBT is a sort of talk therapy that is different than conventional psychotherapy in that the counselor and the client work actively towards recovery from their mental disorder. An individual who is schizophrenic may believe that they are in danger. With the help of a therapist, the person is motivated to challenge their irrational beliefs. We want to teach you how to be happy, healthy and drug free for the rest of your life.

Paranoid Schizophrenia Causes: What causes schizophrenia? No one is sure what the specific causes of schizophrenia are, and this answer is entirely different for each person. Research studies suggest that many forms of schizophrenia are a result of brain dysfunction. Most likely, it’s caused by a mixture of environmental triggers and genetics. Imagine your body being a series of buttons that when pushed enough times in the right orders can cause schizophrenia. The buttons are genetic susceptibilities, and the things pushing the buttons are environment factors. Our professional team gets to the bottom of why you are having symptoms.

Specialists believe than imbalanced dopamine, an essential neurotransmitter, is implemented in the emergence of schizophrenia. Experts also think that this imbalance is most likely the result of genes that make you susceptible to the condition. Some scientists say other neurotransmitters, including serotonin, may additionally be involved. Alterations in primary brain functions, including emotion, behavior and perception lead specialists to conclude that the biological location of schizophrenia is the brain. At Alternative to Meds Center we employ lab testing that allows us to identify the underlying causes of schizophrenia, such as neurotransmitter imbalances. With targeted natural substances, we are able to stabilize neurochemistry. With scientifically based techniques, we can correct the imbalances in your body and brain.

Schizophrenia is linked to specific nutrient deficiencies and physiological imbalances. The optimum goal of our paranoid schizophrenia treatment center is to correct all imbalances in schizophrenia. We assess schizophrenic clients using lab testing and aim our treatment accordingly. Individualized treatment plans include nutritional supplements, dietary changes, amino acids, counseling, and more. A comprehensive custom approach is created for each client. Every aspect of treatment is customized to fit the exact needs of each client.

Our orthomolecular (correction of nutrients) protocol has demonstrated a track record of continuous positive response in an array of mental health disorders. This includes the schizophrenic clients that we have helped. Our advanced orthomolecular treatment for paranoid schizophrenia has contributed to the long term success of uncountable individuals. When treatment has started, one of the initial signs of response that is often noted is when a client smiles and becomes motivated to participate with life. Some of the comments we hear from clients and families are “I have my wife back” and “I finally feel happy and normal”. Orthomolecular mental health started with Abram Hoffer in the 1950s and follows “Pfeiffer’s Law”: For each drug that helps a person, there is a naturally occurring substance that can obtain the same effect. A healthy mind is properly nourished and free of toxins. We know how to feed the brain and clear it of chemicals.

The goal of our orthomolecular paranoid schizophrenia treatment plans is to help clients create lasting success and happiness. In order to provide treatment that yields long term success, every client receives an integrative mental health treatment plan that is personally tailored. Alternative mental health therapies for schizophrenia include: cognitive behavioral therapy, counseling, peer support, nutritional treatment, dietary correction, medication tapering, vitamin therapy, massage, yoga, exercise, meditation, sauna, acupuncture, and educational courses. Alternative to Meds Center provides 24/7 care, medical attention, a highly trained and compassionate staff, and comprehensive aftercare programs that help clients sustain the life they created once they leave our care. Our scientifically sound approach to stabilizing brain function has effectively helped thousands of individuals achieve mental health. Admissions counselors are ready to answer your questions.

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