Acute Stress Disorder

Acute Stress Disorder

Acute Stress Disorder

Tammy was a 52 year old schoolteacher in the Seattle area. Her 24 year old daughter Jill was getting married in 6 weeks to a successful business owner and they were observably happy and in love. Though on the surface everything looked fine, inside Tammy felt increasingly anxious about the upcoming wedding preparations. As the wedding day approached, Tammy became more and more anxious about the myriad of details, worrying about issues that she felt she had little to no control over. A friend told her to go see her doctor and get some help. She did just that, and due to her acute stress levels, connected to a real world event, the doctor observed Tammy to be suffering from “acute stress disorder”, and prescribed the usual antidote which was a benzodiazepine to help calm her nerves.

Acute stress disorder can present with serious symptoms and drawbacks.

The acute stress disorder symptoms did however not abate, and when Tammy was into the second week of her prescription, she had a complete meltdown and ended up in a psychiatric hospital. Doctors told her she’d had a toxic reaction to the drugs, and one specialist felt her prior symptoms were related to early onset menopause. That was over 2 years ago, and not only did Tammy not get to see her daughter’s wedding, she no longer can teach, and is now taking 6 prescription drugs to medicate the various symptoms which drove her life to ruins.

However, numbing medications are not necessary to relieve acute stress disorder symptoms.

When life is lived, one can expect stress levels to rise. Especially when encountering acutely stressful events, such as marriages, funerals, job losses, where the effects of these events may be further underscored by health conditions. This would be like adding fuel to the fire.

If life has become acutely stressful, perhaps a full battery of tests and non invasive, non harmful acute stress disorder treatment options would be a prudent option to consider as a first step. We also offer tapering programs for Ambien withdrawal and many other prescription drugs. Call us today at the number on this page to find out more about alternative treatments for acute stress disorder.

Acute Stress Disorder

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