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Ionic Foot Baths

Alternative to Meds Editorial Team
Written by Diane Ridaeus

What Are Ionic Foot Baths?

The theory behind ionic detox foot baths is that sending a small current that circuits through the body produces positively charged ions, possibly aiding in their elimination.

It is suggested that the highly concentrated field of positively charged ions will bind to toxins that are negatively charged, which neutralizes them. Then those negatively charged toxins may be eliminated through the bottoms of the feet where precisely 2000 very large excretory pores exist. Footbaths are painless, last around 30 minutes, and even children 4 years of age or older can safely enjoy them. The ionic foot bath as a treatment has been found helpful in other ways, such as reduction of psychiatric symptoms, better sleep, more energy, and rejuvenation of energy and well-being.

While the medical community continues its quest in understanding more completely “how” ionic foot baths may do what they do, their therapeutic value is fully documented.1,2,4

Eliminating Toxic Burden and the Process of Recovery

The therapeutic foot bath is a method that is popular with those who cannot endure other more arduous processes, such as sauna, as it is well tolerated. Toxins that have accumulated in the body negatively impact mental and physical health. This toxic burden can even contribute to drug and medication use. Although the understanding of how ionic footbaths work exactly is still evolving, their benefits on psychiatric symptoms, quality of sleep, and well-being have been clinically observed and well-documented.1-4

Exposure to Heavy Metals and Toxins

You may be exposed to heavy metals and toxins over a lifetime. Being fat-soluble, these toxins start to accumulate within the body and may be deposited in and around vital organs, and tend to stay there. There are various methods to rid your body of these unwanted toxins. Cleansing is possible in many ways and is highly recommended in the treatment of root causes of psychiatric symptoms.5

Ionic Foot Bath and Other Adjunctive Recovery Services

Please call our knowledgeable team at Alternative to Meds Center to learn more about ionic foot baths and how we incorporate these with a wide variety of other adjunctive recovery services. Our goal is to provide effective and comprehensive individualized treatment plans in comfort, and for success.

We are always happy to assist people who are gathering information in preparation for selecting the right treatment program.


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