Sarah Peterson

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A healing practitioner at ATMC since 2015, Sarah is committed to providing each resident with a sacred space for deep healing. Sarah is a certified Reiki Master /Teacher, trained in the ancient and traditional form of Usui Reiki healing. She uses the gentle yet powerful energy of Reiki to help people relax, reconnect, and center themselves so that they may heal physically, mentally, and emotionally during their detox process. Residents often walk out of a session with Sarah feeling more grounded, hopeful and restored.

Sarah creates a safe and positive space for each resident, and with the use of Reiki, helps to facilitate and co-create a path to healing and recovery. By untying the energetic knots that addiction and suppressed emotions can create, Reiki can help restore vitality, ease anxiety and lift depression. Sarah has been providing a healing space at the Detox center for ATMC residents for over six years, and is deeply committed to ATMC’S mission, and to the health and well-being of every client on their path to recovery and self-love.

Sarah is an Arizona native, with a deep spiritual background. She also works with the herbal medicine-making facility in Sedona that supplies ATMC with their herbal formulas. Sarah’s path with energy work began in 2012, and she is deeply devoted to assisting the residents at ATMC on their journey of healing and recovery.

Sarah Peterson
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