Renee Oglesbee, BS Ed

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Renee Oglesbee is the Detox Shoppe Spa Coordinator as well as a Care Provider at ATMC. She is a graduate of Sam Houston State University with a B.S. Ed, specializing in the needs of Special Education students with trauma, substance abuse, and dual diagnosis. She is certified in the State of Texas as a Special Education Teacher holding a Lifetime Secondary Education Certificate. She also has 8 graduate hours in biology from Lamar University

She has worked in a myriad of settings throughout her 30+ year career in the education, substance abuse treatment, corrections, and behavioral health fields to include the settings of the medical model, private practice, state and federal case management, and corrections, nonprofits, and charter school systems. She comes to ATMC after having experienced firsthand the medical model approach to dealing with substance abuse and mental health issues, knowing there has to be a better way. She believes she has found that in ATMC and their holistic approach to helping to alleviate the suffering of those she serves. She reports emphatically that ATMC’s approach is state of the art and such a pleasure to be a part of. She has a lifelong history of compassionate service to others.

Renee Oglesbee, BS Ed
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