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Happy Days: What A Day At Our Healing Center Looks Like

Happy Days: What A Day At Our Healing Center Looks Like

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Imagine you just recently arrived at Alternative To Meds Center. You’re excited, anticipating what the day will bring and what to expect. While you are here, you will partake in a very structured schedule that will keep you busy from morning to evening. But what exactly does that look like? Below, you will find the answer to that question and more.

ATMC Morning Schedule:

7 AM: Breakfast.

You are gently woken up by our friendly staff and start getting ready for your day. You enjoy a delicious and healthy, organic breakfast consisting of whole foods. Today’s menu: an omelet made to order.

Following breakfast, your day continues by taking part in delivery. Delivery consists of a special supplement and medication protocol (if you are taking medications). Your medical team has carefully tailored a supplement protocol just for you that will evolve and change throughout your stay. You will meet with the naturopathic doctor weekly to review your supplement protocol and make changes to assist you with your medication taper or drug detox.

After delivery, you take part in our community meeting where you review the day’s schedule, review your progress so far, and set goals for yourself. The morning meeting ends with a brief meditation. You are then whisked off to our day treatment center, the Detox Shoppe.

9 AM: The Detox Shoppe: Chelation, Sauna, & Bodywork
The Detox Shoppe boasts a relaxing and tranquil spa environment. Here, you will take part in our holistic chelation and detoxification programs. First, you take a series of supplements designed to both pull toxins from your cells as well as replenish essential nutrients and minerals in the body. As you go through the process of pushing toxins out and flooding your cells with nutrients, balance begins to be restored in your neurochemistry and your symptoms begin to decrease.

The program consists of both a chelation and a sauna program. You begin by exercising before getting in the sauna. Following this, you dry brush your skin, which stimulates the lymphatic system and increases circulation. You then spend up to two hours in the sauna, taking breaks every 15 minutes and releasing toxins. Our staff will monitor you closely to ensure that you are hydrated and healthy throughout the experience. There are three different saunas capped at different temperatures that you can choose from, depending on your preference.

There are many other adjunctive detoxification therapies in our spa room at the Detox Shoppe. For instance, ionic foot baths are offered, which help to pull toxins through one of the main detoxifying pathways, your feet. Castor oil pack treatments are applied around the area of the liver and kidneys, using an Ayurvedic method of pulling toxins from these detoxifying organs. Clay masks are also available which help to pull toxins from the skin. Re-mineralization foot baths with Epsom salts and relaxing essential oils and moisturizing facials are also offered. Nebulized glutathione is also available, which is beneficial for the respiratory tract. Today, you decide to try a castor oil pack in our relaxing environment where you experience peace and tranquility as your body is detoxifying.

Bodywork is another essential component of the Detox Shoppe experience that you will experience during your time here. Everyday that you’re at the Detox Shoppe you’re able to get some form of bodywork or group acupuncture session. Group acupuncture is offered twice weekly. Bodywork treatments are available up to three times per week. You can choose from our bodywork menu of therapeutic massage, shirodhara, Reiki, spiritual insight healing, B.E.S.T., and Aromatherapy.

Afternoon Schedule:

1:00 PM: Lunch.
You eat an organic, healthy lunch, consume supplements again and have some time to rest.

2:00 PM: Class.
You take part in a classroom activity. Each day, there is a different activity ranging from yoga, nutritional education, supplement education and a special class series from our medical director on mind-body medicine.

Afternoon: Therapy Sessions & Free Time
Following the afternoon class, you have some free time scheduled. This is also the time in which you may have one of several appointments. Individual therapy appointments are made during this time. While you are here, you will meet with your therapist weekly to have individual sessions. We offer a wide variety of therapeutic techniques such as CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy), EMDR, HeartMath, equine therapy, compassionate-focused therapy, life skills, art therapy, and music therapy. Colon hydrotherapy is also offered at this time and this is available on a weekly basis to all of our residents.

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Evening Schedule

5:30 PM: Dinner.
You have dinner at which you gobble down a gluten-free pizza and a hearty salad.

7:00 PM: Group Therapy.
Group therapy begins at 7 PM. We offer a wide variety of group therapy options throughout the week ranging from traditional process groups to art therapy to music therapy.

In addition to this regular weekly schedule, you will meet with our medical director and nursing team each week to discuss your medication taper, provided you are tapering and making adjustments to that taper, together as a team. No decisions about patient’s medications are made without your involvement and concerns being voiced. We consider each patient to be an essential part of their treatment team and collaborate with them on the creation and development of their treatment plan.

Additionally, each week, you will meet with your care manager and the clinical director to review all aspects of your treatment program ranging from your individual therapy to outside appointments, to family contact. Again, this is a collaborative approach that allows you to be an active participant in the decisions regarding you treatment. We pride ourselves on this aspect of the program and it sets us apart from any other treatment center.

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