Tiki W. - Success Story - Alternative To Meds

Successful Medication Taper and Chelation Therapy

Update: Tiki has remained well for 6 years after writing her success story.

I first came to the Alternative to Meds Center taking Lamictal, Lorazepam, Geodon, Ambien CR, Estradiol, Levoxl, etc. I felt suicidal, extremely depressed, and was experiencing panic attacks and anxiety attacks to the point where I wasn’t able to function or perform at my job. Our boat capsized during a trip when I went fishing and I was floating in diesel until I was rescued. I was given lab tests while at Alternative to Meds Center and it was found that high amounts of mercury were in my body. So I have begun chelation I.V. therapy.

I have been here 2 weeks at the center and I’m feeling great from the treatments. I feel as though my life is coming back, my face has a smile and my eyes have a sparkle the majority of time now. I feel happiness and have energy again. I have been decreased from my medications at a rate that has been comfortable so far. By myself I could not get off of my medications but I have a lot hope today. The food here is really healthy and it gives my body whole healing. It also tastes great.

Tiki W.