Benzodiazepine Medication Withdrawal Success

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If you knew the Tiki who … went to Alternative to Meds Center, and the Tiki that has returned from Alternative to Meds Center, you could not believe that they are the same person … Tiki, my wife has become a real story of success from Alternative to Meds Center’s program.

Update:  Tiki has remained well for 6 years after writing this success story.

I have my wife and mother of my children back.

Subject:  Testimony of Greg W. regarding Alternative to Meds Center Results

Have you ever lost something and thought you wouldn’t ever see it again? This almost happened to me. We thought that we wouldn’t ever see my girlfriend and wife which I married 20 years ago.

My loving wife, Tiki, a devoted and proud mother and grandmother, became lost in a world of addicting prescription drugs. Sometimes, she was not near reality at all. She experienced depression, anxiety, and started losing focus on things that meant more than anything to her including her job, church, friends, and even family. She cried and begged for more drugs — she was living for each time I dispensed them to her since she no longer could be trusted herself to take them as prescribed.

The visits to her psychiatrist were always the same. “Well if these (prescription medications) aren’t working we will adjust the dosages or give you something else.” Going without these prescription drugs, unassisted and “cold turkey,” was not an available option.

So something needed to give — and, well, it did!

Sent from god to the rescue were our close friends with help. Our friends had experience and understood the “Alternative to Meds” program. Of course, there’s no need to explain how the program works, but I do want to say it was certainly one of the blessings in life and it works.

When we sat down with Tiki trying to help her realize there were no other choices for us other than trying the Alternative to Meds Center program, it was painful. She was slipping away to a point that we had to tell her she was leaving in the morning in the company of the friend who knew the program. It was even harder to tell our son who is 17 years old what his mom was going to have to do. We talked to him and said if everything went well that she would be back home in two or three months.

I was a witness to a couple of factors that were important and may have saved her life. She was motivated to do what she was instructed to do during the program and encouraged to confront the facts. She knew and understood that she needed to be willing, otherwise she would probably fail. The second experience was with your staff. The staff was experienced in what they did and knew exactly what to do. It was like Tiki was receiving “one on one” treatment. The staff became like her family and they were caregivers to her every day. They had genuine concerns for her and it isn’t just a job to them. They produced real results and showed her confidence and belief in the program. Tiki is a living proof of this.

At first she felt really scared, but who wouldn’t? She was in an environment that was strange and unfamiliar to her among strangers. Away from her comfort zone, family, and friends. But she learned with her own eyes that this was not a “lock down” type of facility where they experiment by putting you on different medications. She had many freedoms and the most important thing of all is that she was treated with respect and graciously. We could talk with Tiki on the phone at will which enabled us to encourage and comfort her.

Tiki became a lot more comfortable with her surroundings as time passed. She was tapered off from the prescription drugs, which were replaced with healthy foods and natural supplements. We could hear in her voice things were changing. There were of course some phone calls of feeling homesick and lonesome, however this was actually a good sign. Tiki became even more dedicated to finishing the program and getting her life back.

Early into the program, I was happily surprised that I could travel to Arizona and spend time with her outside of the facility. What pure joy it was seeing her running down the road toward me on that first visit. There were tears of joy streaming down her face. We embraced each other and she would not let go. Immediately I knew that the progress was evident, I was able to see a change in Tiki after only two weeks. I could tell she was really excited to show me around her room, friends she made, the house, and the staff. Meeting all of the staff and the visit was a reassurance and it gave me confidence knowing she was in a good place.

In the first part of the program, which is the chelation treatments, Tiki was helped to wean off of the drugs and move toward natural substances and nutrients. You could really hear a change in Tiki’s voice when speaking to her over the phone. After the first month, she was then encouraged to think about starting the second phase of the program which includes heavy metal removal treatment. She really wanted to keep moving forward and undergo the treatment at home. She was feeling so good that in fact, after seven weeks, realized how very homesick she was and she was ready to get home to her family.

The decision was made that Tiki would try a couple weeks at home during Thanksgiving with an understanding that she’d need to come back afterwards for additional detox therapies and complete the program.

She arrived at home with great anticipation and excitement from getting to be in her house, see her family and friends; however, you could start to tell after a few days that additional treatment was necessary. After four days of being home she decided to return and begin the medication detox program. She was on a plane the fifth day headed back to Arizona.

It was hard for us to know she was going to be gone for three to five more weeks, but we knew that this time it was her own decision to return, rather than the first time when she basically was not given a choice.

Now let me emphasize to you that after returning home six weeks after for the second time, the love of my whole life, and my wife, is back! That sparkle in her eye is back, a bounce in her step is back and the laughter which once filled our home has now returned along with Tiki. She’s found her confidence, focus, and a feeling of being alive. Her spirit is rekindled and she also was excited to leave 15 pounds in Arizona.

If you knew the Tiki who left almost scared to death when she went to Alternative to Meds Center, and the Tiki that has returned from Alternative to Meds Center, you could not believe that they are the same person. Tiki, my wife, has become a real story of success from Alternative to Meds Center’s program. The dedication that your staff shows to clients has influenced Tiki enough to endure and finish the program which became a “mission” for her.

We feel so blessed. By God’s good grace, the many prayers and determination from my wife to get back her life, it has happened.

Thank you so much to everyone who has helped – from Tiki, Greg, Family, and Friends.

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