Medication Withdrawal Techniques

Medication Withdrawal Techniques

Medication withdrawal techniques have significantly improved in the last decade allowing clients to safely and comfortably withdraw or at least reduce their reliance on prescription drugs.

Many, though not all physicians, and not all rehab centers have caught up to the vast body of holistic protocols that are available for use. At the Alternative to Meds Center, we have designed our program to be safe and as comfortable as possible, utilizing every available resource for the success of our clients. Preparation actions, done before starting the withdrawal of medication, has proved to be the best key to success.

Here is a very brief summary of some of the techniques and fundamentals used in our program to prepare the resident for a comfortable taper from prescription drugs.

1. Orthomolecular (nutrition-based) treatment uses non-addictive, natural/plant-based supplements to support and encourage non-addictive biochemistry after drugs have compromised the individual's health. Lab testing is a non-invasive way to determine deficiencies and other critical factors that may need correction through nutrition or other means, that will encourage improvements in well-being and the reduction of unwanted symptoms. In the beginning phase of treatment, each resident receives their individualized supplements along with guidance and instruction about what each supplement is and what it does.

2. Diet planning and management can eliminate things that cause inflammation and which contribute to unhealthy digestion and gut issues. A well-designed diet also supports rather than impedes the body's natural ability to shed toxins (detox). We are careful not to use the "dirty dozen" types of fruits and vegetables most notorious for pesticide/GMO contamination and prefer to use mostly locally sourced organic produce. No dairy is used, except for some very high-quality yogurt, ghee, and some sheep and goat products, to avoid the problems of lactose intolerance. The gluten-free approach to diet supports maximum efficiency for the body's detoxification pathways, to keep these functioning very well. Other aspects featured in the deliciously prepared meals focus on low-glycemic and moderately low carb ingredients. Animal products are mostly organic but are all at least free of antibiotics, corn syrup/sugars, flavor enhancers, hormones, and other additives. Our chef does not use white flour, rice or sugar, or soy products as they are almost universally a GMO product. Because caffeine causes or adds to overstimulation, our diet avoids it. The ATMC diet supports the digestive tract by eliminating foods which contribute to pathogens and utilizes foods which promote a healthy microbiome and gastrointestinal tract. Although people tend to think of neurotransmitters as a feature of brain function, the gut produces most (up to 90%) of the mood regulating neurotransmitters so maintaining a healthy gut is essential to attain bettered overall mood. Each meal includes cultured foods to support the growth of healthy gut flora further.

3. Cleansing is offered to address the above mentioned "gut-brain" connection. The gut produces the vast majority of serotonin (the "happy" hormone) which is why restoring good flora can be a significant factor in alleviating such things as cravings, anxiety, and depressed mood. To restore health to the gut, clients participate in a ten day cleanse utilizing low-temperature sauna, chelation, strict diet, and other techniques which can immediately improve mental and emotional well-being and strengthen the immune system.

4. Medication withdrawal: Once the resident has been well prepared using the above and other therapies, medical staff initiate the withdrawal taper process slowly and safely. The client will already have experienced improved sleep, appetite, energy levels, and mood. Gently coming off unwanted medication will augment these improvements.

5. Adjunctive therapies include colonic hydrotherapy, CBT counseling, massage, relaxation techniques, yoga, trainer-led exercise classes, drug ed and maintaining healthy neurotransmitter classes, cranial sacral massage, Reiki, adventure therapy, art therapy, and many, many more. Various types and styles of personal counseling and life coaching are also available to help clients find trauma relief and many other practical benefits.

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