Antipsychotic Alternatives

Antipsychotic Alternatives

At the Alternative to Meds Center, we recognize that there are methods of antipsychotic alternatives help and other solutions to treat mental health besides a lifetime of being medicated with antipsychotics.

One of the main backbones of effective antipsychotic alternatives treatment is counseling, psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, exposure therapy, or any kind of talk therapy. Over a period of 10-20 weeks, patients have shown major progress from just talk therapies alone as alternatives to antipsychotic drugs. Antipsychotics, such as Depakote, Risperdal, Abilify, and Zyprexa are prescribed to people with schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, bipolar disorder, mania and other psychoses. These drugs have many side effects that are unwelcomed, some antipsychotic side effects make mental conditions worse and sometimes the drug itself makes mental health worse. These medications are also prescribed to children. One of the common side effects that can occur especially in the first month or two months of treatment with these drugs is suicidal thoughts or behavior.

For the reasons listed above, among many, there is antipsychotic alternative medicine that many people are actively seeking to overcome antipsychotic side effects, dangerous risks to health, ineffectiveness, or many individuals just don’t want to be medicated. Children and adults can effectively overcome mental disorders without drugs. Alternative to psychiatry treatments should in fact, be tried before drugs are prescribed however, unfortunately it is often the other way around. People are usually first prescribed a psychiatric medication and then they seek Depakote alternatives, Risperdal alternatives, Abilify alternatives, Zyprexa alternatives, or other antipsychotic replacement plans. No one has to suffer from side effects, dependence, and addiction or medication withdrawal syndrome; there are alternative mental health options.

An antipsychotic alternative medicine treatment plan often contains more than just one treatment, usually; it is a few different therapies combined. One of the most important parts of an antipsychotic alternatives treatment plan is counseling or any other kind of talk therapy. Through talk therapy, patients can honestly express themselves, face their fears, understand their illness, and understand triggers and how to prevent them. Cognitive behavioral therapy helps patients to undo negative or unhealthy thought and behavior patterns, as well as rationalize fears and anxieties, balance mood swings, and continuously, gradually work towards complete peace within. Exposure therapy allows patients to be exposed to their fears, anxieties, phobias and triggers within a safe, familiar and controlled environment which naturally results in more comfortable encounters for these patients with their fears in the outside world.

Talk therapy and other therapies of its nature such as exposure therapy are just the start of alternatives to antipsychotic drugs. When these therapies are used in adjunction with other healing, stabling therapies and treatments, effectiveness rates are even higher. Natural antipsychotic alternatives are good adjunctive treatments to consider, along with dietary changes, nutritional therapy and other little lifestyle changes that make huge differences such as exercise, yoga, massage, sauna therapy, aromatherapy, acupuncture, massage therapy and meditation. Herbs, vitamins, minerals, and supplements can make big differences, nutritional deficiencies are often a contributor to mental disorders, when deficiencies are identified and fixed; amazing results have been shown.

Detoxifying the body of old, built up toxins is also beneficial with antipsychotic addiction alternatives help plans as well, the toxins that antipsychotic drugs leave behind need to be removed in order for optimal state of health to occur. Removing certain things from a lifestyle can also contribute to overcoming mental disorders, alcohol, drugs, caffeine and sugar should be eliminated. Once you have found which alternative antipsychotic options work for you, stick with it every day. For some people it may be counseling once a week, exercise 4-5 times a week, eating health every day, drinking plenty of water, taking a daily supplement or vitamin, getting enough sleep every night and participating in healing therapies such as counseling, yoga or massage.

People are usually given psychiatric medication after they have gone through a psychotic episode, or after other medications have not worked. These drugs, may seem effective during the onset, are generally un-tolerated after prolonged use. The answer to why an individual experience psychosis is specific for each person, but the common denominator is often excessive Dopamine. Dopamine, the neurochemical that controls reward, if there is an excess of it; everything is over-stimulating and this commonly results in mania. This can occur from the neurology being stimulated by toxins. This can happen after being exposed to toxins, or because of a genetic problem relating to how that individual clears toxins. For example, an insufficient methylator is unable to clear out heavy metal toxins, and stores them in brain and nerve tissue.

We use the following techniques to withdrawal individuals from antipsychotic medications. We do lab testing for what might be the cause of the original symptoms, and toxicity is often identified as the culprit so we then focus on clearing these toxins out. Sugar, processed food, and caffeine is restricted and supplements supportive to the inhibitory aspect of neurochemistry are used. Our program aims to use natural substances and orthomolecular medicine that will stabilize neurochemistry, body detoxification that will remove environmentally accumulated neurotoxins, medication withdrawal methods, IV therapy with amino acids and other nutritional treatment, peer support, yoga, personal training, massage, and others alternative mental health therapies to offer effective alternative to psychiatry options. We invite your call, so you can talk to us and get a better idea of the sort of antipsychotic alternatives help available.

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