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Evidence-Based Treatment

At ATMC, we use mental health, addiction treatment and medication tapering methods that have been scientifically proven to work. Ours is not a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach to helping people gently detox off their prescription medications.

We use diagnostic tests to ascertain which treatment protocols will work best for the individual, while taking into careful consideration each person’s unique state of health, diagnosis, personal preferences, characteristics and values.

Proven, Evidence-Based Treatment Methods for Mental Health and Substance Abuse 

The goal of our evidence-based approach is to eliminate unsound, ineffective or potentially risky treatment methods in favor of those that have consistently shown to provide better, more reliable, and safer outcomes. Effective mental health, addiction treatment and medication tapering is evident in the lasting recovery of our clients.

ATMC Outcomes Report

To see how science backs our ATMC treatment protocols, download this 2018 case study, evaluated by Dr. Michael W. Corrigan, Associate Professor at Marshall University and Vice President of Multi-Dimensional Education Inc.

There is nothing that gives us greater purpose than to provide the best type of treatment available to meet a person’s unique chemistry and deficiencies, reset them, and restore into a beautiful balance. We do this by implementing four strategies. Though different, they coincide with one another to identify the pieces of your health puzzle. From there we construct a course for remedy that will allow you to live your life purpose through a healthy and purpose-full life, free from mental anguish and chemical dependency.

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Holistic Treatment 

We are holistic advocates. Our methodologies in addressing and treating mind, body and spirit are rooted in what is natural to humans and how we were meant to live, free of chemicals and open to explore and experience positivity.

We have found that many health practices overstate or misuse the term holistic. Beyond alternative therapies, true holistic health combines the elements of science and the findings that support the abstinence from toxic substances that lie in our foods, environment, medications as well as toxic relationships and detrimental ways of thinking. By treating you holistically, we are addressing your issues/symptoms from every possible angle. With a complete holistic approach, client treatments result in whole recovery.

Integrative Approach 

Evidence based treatments are utilized in every aspect of our programs. We are integrative, incorporating multiple practices and approaches, including orthomolecular medicine, environmental medicine, naturopathic medicine, Chinese medicine, and other approaches deemed most effective.

Often, what we have found is that one specific approach typically will not be effective by itself. Our approach works to incorporate proven methods to treat both your physical needs as well as your psychological, knowing that they are intrinsically connected.

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Testing and Diagnostics 

While in our care, each resident undergoes extensive laboratory testing. The purpose of this testing is to assess, investigate, and create solutions. We believe in order to truly help a person, we must first understand them. The series of diagnostic testing each resident goes through helps us to more clearly understand the root of their symptoms.

While many approaches simply chase symptoms with pills, at ATMC we prefer a different approach. We look to identify and treat the root causes of a person’s symptoms. The diagnostic approach goes well beyond lab testing and includes looking into a person’s genetic history, brain chemistry, exposure to environmental toxins, habits, experiences, as well as psychological assessments. All of this is done to ensure we are delivering the absolute best kind of treatment for that unique person’s situation.

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Benefits of Baseline Testing

This lab is drawn within the first 24 hours of intake, giving us a baseline view of overall health, measuring more than 30 aspects, to include cholesterol, kidney and liver function, and glucose levels. We will know if you are fighting any infections, have any obvious deficiencies, or any other health related issues.

Our doctors and nurses analyze these tests to determine an initial course of treatment for you. These tests can help them determine how to create your initial treatment plan of nutrition, supplementation, and medication. If needed, we will repeat this test at a later point in the program to test the effectiveness of the treatments prescribed and advise on any adjustments needed.

Benefits of Genetic Testing

Within the first 48 hours at our program facility, you’ll undergo genetic testing and receive the results within 3 to 5 days. It will show how you respond to different medications and groups the medications in categories such as antidepressants, benzodiazepines, antipsychotics, and mood stabilizers. We then learn which of these medications are, or are not, effective and why.

Genetic testing is important because as individuals, we respond differently to medications and don’t all have the same response. A specific medication may work well for some, while for others it can actually be harmful. This test will help us discover if the medication you are on is harmful or proving ineffective. It will also assist the doctors in determining if there is a better medication available that may be more effective or less harmful than the one currently being prescribed.

Benefits of Neurotransmitter Testing

The neurotransmitter testing can take place at any time during the treatment process. It helps to determine the levels of neurochemicals being utilized in the nervous system by measuring the metabolites of those chemicals. It addition, it measures amino acids—the building blocks of neurotransmitters.

Our medical team evaluates the results to help assess the root causes of a person’s symptoms, what supplements and medications will work best, and determine the best course of treatment for the individual.

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Benefits of Toxic Metals and Essential Elements Testing

Within the first 7 to 10 days of residency here, we administer the essential element and toxic mineral test to measure the levels of toxic heavy metals, like Mercury, as well as essential minerals, such as Selenium, in our clients. We do this by administering a challenged test. Oral chelators designed to help pull metals from the body are administered, measuring the levels being eliminated in the urine. In turn, this helps to determine the amount of heavy metals being stored in the cells.

This test can be helpful in finding some of the root causes of mental health symptoms. For example, high levels of Mercury have been linked to symptoms of anxiety and insomnia. If we can identify a high level

of toxic metals in an individual and link it to their symptoms, we can then create a treatment plan that will aggressively remove the toxic body burden and help to restore balance to their nervous system.

Identifying mineral and nutrient deficiencies can be as helpful as finding levels of toxic substances. Mineral and nutrient deficiencies have been linked to mood disturbances and a variety of other symptoms. With the correct information, our team can address a person’s deficiencies and be able to give that individual what they really need to start to feel better.

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Individualized Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Programs 

As we utilize all the premises of our approach, it’s easy to see how customization of treatment per person is the foundation of everything we do. From lab results to personal choice in nutrition, mindfulness practices, and more, individualism is at the core of who we are and what we do.

The key to utilizing evidence based treatments is in understanding what they mean and how to apply the constructively to each client. As such, not every method and approach will apply. What the renowned staff at ATMC has come to know is that when you put the best minds together with the best intentions, the results will echo the same.

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