Cymbalta Side Effects

Cymbalta Side Effects

At Alternative to Meds Center, we’ve discovered ways of Cymbalta side effects help which simplify the process of eliminating side effects.

When a person is bothered by Cymbalta side effects and decides to end use of the medication, they can face a challenging Cymbalta withdrawal process. We know that better answers exist than continuing to live life medicated on antidepressants suffering with Cymbalta medication side effects.

Do you wish you could see yourself or someone you love live life in ways you know can be tangible. Cymbalta, is known also as Duloxetine, and is a serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor (SNRI) commonly prescribed for depression; Duloxetine side effects range broadly in severity and commonality of presence. Some frequently reported Cymbalta common side effects include dizziness, nausea, and drowsiness. In most cases, antidepressant side effects present themselves as moderate or bothersome. If you have experienced anything out of the ordinary or any noticeable adverse effects from antidepressant, talk to a health care provider immediately to look over alternative options. Medicine is meant for healing, not causing more problems. So, if medication is causing problems it may be time to consider seeking Cymbalta side effects help. However, there are many antidepressant side effects that are potentially serious and need medical attention. Some of the several side effects which should be reported to a medical doctor include hallucinations, a fast heart rate, and suicidal thoughts.

Some of the rare but serious side effects caused by this drug include acne, canker sores, and high cholesterol. Antidepressant side effects have been closely examined during clinical trials. In these studies, nausea was identified as the most common side effect occurring in up to 25% of Duloxetine users, dry mouth was observed in up to 15%, Cymbalta side effects headache occurred in up to 14%, drowsiness – up to 12%, fatigue – up to 11%, insomnia – up to 10%, diarrhea – up to 10%, constipation – up to 10%, dizziness – up to 10%, loss of appetite – up to 9%, sweating – up to 7%, and stomach (abdominal) pain was found to occur in up to 6% of individuals taking this drug.

Some of the other Cymbalta common antidepressant side effects found to occur in 2-5% of users include: abnormal Cymbalta side effects dreams, sexual side effects, including: a decreased sex drive, orgasm problems, ejaculation problems, and erectile dysfunction or impotence; upper respiratory infections (such as the common cold), the flu, blurred vision, hot flashes, weight loss, muscle spasms, muscle pain, indigestion, heartburn, vomiting, and tremors, and serotonin syndrome, an uncommon but dangerous problem related to certain medications. Side effects of serotonin syndrome include seizures, coma, problems passing urine, hallucinations, low blood sugar, changes in blood pressure, rapid heart rate, and fever, shivering, or abnormal sweating. Moreover, Cymbalta and alcohol used in combination may be a dangerous combination that yields serious side effects.

People are often prescribed antidepressants such as Duloxetine without any efforts to find out why the person is depressed or has trouble sleeping. Are these individuals just low on Serotonin and that’s the only cause? What about neurotoxins accumulated by environmental sources such as heavy toxic metals? What about a low thyroid? What about food allergies? Food allergies can cause internal swelling which slows metabolism, this can be a factor, read more about Cymbalta alternatives. Often we may forget that the same insults our body may suffer from a poor diet, our brain is subjected to as well. A depressed individual may have a poor diet lacking in nutrients and therefore cannot create what’s necessary for healthy brain function.

Or the individual may be immersed in an unsatisfactory lifestyle, and needs a better environment in order to make conscious and healthy changes. For many individuals, depression occurs during a traumatic emotional event, and they are still on medications years later and will suffer Cymbalta medication withdrawal if trying to quit the medication. Alternative to Meds Center unveils the medical reasons for a person’s depression. With collaborating doctors to handle Cymbalta withdrawal techniques, our program performs lab testing, uses natural substances for stabilization of neurochemistry, IV amino therapy, customized nutritional therapies, cessation of an accumulation of environmental neurotoxins, peer support, personal training, yoga, massage, and other effective therapies for combating depression.

Here at Alternative to Meds Center, we are seeing success found daily. We hold weekly graduation parties to honor the successes of participants. Their friends and families are among the several attendees at each event, as well as other residents. At these events, incredible tales are told, sometimes they retell of suffering that lasted for decades, with astonishing clearness. For us to see this is an inspiration because we know they have the skills necessary to continue living a healthy life and being a symbol of hope to others. We encourage you to call us and talk, so you can get an understanding of the kind of Cymbalta side effects help available.

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