Low Cost Aftercare Options

Low Cost Aftercare Options

Aftercare assures a healthy and smooth transition from treatment to the real world.

We offer low cost aftercare options to persons who have completed at least 8 weeks of inpatient treatment. The aftercare program includes stellar housing with allowances for food. The resident is provided ongoing counseling, case management and direct supervision. They are also entitled to continue the treatments provided at our “Detox Shoppe” . The supplements and the education components are also included in this package. Clients are assisted to the degree necessary so that they can achieve independence in a gradual but progressive manner. This for some may be include the creation of a resume, assistance with legal matters, family therapy, or such things as obtaining a driver’s license.

The aftercare program also comes with a paid internship to work with us in a department of their choosing.

Low Cost Aftercare Options

In this way, they can be productive and remain in the milieu that has proven to be supportive to them. They can also get the job skills necessary in a less threatening way so that they can bridge over to traditional employment and practice the consistency that is required with it.

The aftercare program maintains the integrity of life and health choices of the residential center, yet, has the freedoms for the resident to potentially make mistakes. The monitoring of this relative independence and the choices they make allows for poor choices to be corrected as a learning exercise. This is the growth factor, and is the real preparation for life and entry into a world that may not understand their individual complexities or foster their success in a postive way. In this way, they can learn to become knowledgeable and effective concerning self-health care, and competent in life.

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