Long-Term Prescription Drug Addiction Corrected

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One month after getting here I am now completely off all my medications …

May 24, 2015

Now it has been 31 days after arriving here at the center. For the past 36 years, I have been taking one type or another of an antidepressant as well as several pain medications, sleeping medication, and tranquilizers. Traditional medicine has not seemed to be able to find any solutions for my lack of energy, ongoing depression, isolation and hopelessness. I was on more and more drugs and sinking myself deeper and deeper down a dark hole.

One month after getting here I am now completely off all my medications, except for thyroid and blood pressure (which I also might be able to stop taking as my body heals), I’m sleeping 8 hours a night (rather than not at all or 24/7) and I wake up feeling rested instead of dreading the day.

I’m actually looking forward to tomorrow rather than wishing it doesn’t come. The education I’ve received on how drugs ruin and alter the chemistry of our bodies has helped me a lot to understand the necessities of a healthy, organic diet and the supplements. I have one more month left and I look forward to even more improvement.

~ Kathryn C.

Long-Term Prescription Drug Addiction Corrected
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