Recovery From Kolonopin and Ativan Dependency

Recovery From Kolonopin and Ativan Dependency

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I have learned a lot about myself and I’ve gained valuable tools to manage anxiety … I will take with me the tools I need to become a self-loving and healthy wife, mother, family member and friend. I am a new person because of my experience at Alternative to Meds Center.

Recovery From Kolonopin and Ativan Dependency

I came to Alternative to Meds Center for help to understand the anxiety I deal with on a daily basis. I came for help to find myself. I was taking Kolonopin and Ativan in hopes of feeling “normal” again. My doctor had me try five different SSRIs telling me they would take the anxiety away. I trusted my doctor but every medication I tried made me sick. I began thinking my doctor did not have my best interests in mind and just wanted to push antidepressants on me, so I stopped going to the doctor and started self-medicating with the Kolonopin and Ativan. Even with that I still had anxiety! I lost 25 pounds and did not want to leave the house. I was just waiting for the anxiety to simply go away, but the only thing going away was my life. I lost myself and the desire to live.

My family did not know what to do with me and they tried to get me out of my mind, but nothing was working. My step-daughter found out about Alternative to Meds Center and I agreed to come and get help. I am now medication free.

I am in a much better place thanks to Alternative to Meds Center. I am still working on loving myself, and finding myself. Through the groups, the Detox Shoppe, the supplements and my therapist, I have come a long way. I’ll still have to work to make things better and I learned only I can do this for me. I have a better outlook on my future. I am stronger now and looking forward to getting back to life with a new outlook. I still have to deal with the anxiety on a daily basis but I am confident it will get better and easier with each new day.

I was tapered off my medications in a slow way and I was able to handle the withdrawal with ease. I did experience some discomfort but was able to get through it with supplements and staff support. I recommend attending all of the groups, meditations and yoga classes even if you don’t feel well because you will walk away feeling better. It’s like medicine.

I am in a better place because of my experience with Alternative to Meds Center. The staff here, right down to the house keeping, are all very caring and loving. The other clients that I lived with for eight weeks have become like family. I will forever remember the staff and friends I made here at Alternative to Meds Center. If I was asked to name staff members who helped me the most, I would have to list each and every one of them because each and every one of them have touched me in their own special way.

If I had to do it all over again I would, but it’s time for me to move on and prove to myself I can do this! I can and I will continue to become stronger and overcome and put the anxiety behind me. One day it will just be a memory.

The program is hard physically, emotionally and mentally. Some days I wanted to give up, but encouragement and understanding from staff kept me going. I cried a lot of tears but I also laughed until my stomach hurt. The program will work for anyone that WANTS to work it! So hang in there, get to the Detox Shoppe and never give up! Take in all the blessings that Alternative to Meds Center has to offer and you will walk away a new person with a new life! Thank you Alternative to Meds Center.