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Licensed Holistic Mental Health Treatment

We have helped many complicated cases, and have developed scientific ways to end medication dependence and correct addictive cravings. 

Alternative to Meds Center is a world authority on the subjects of biochemical correction of addiction and alternatives to psychiatric drugs. We handle residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation, as well as specialized care for a tapering medication withdrawal. We also have a relationship with a nearby hospital who handles acute cases needing detox or medical stabilization.

We address the physical, emotional and spiritual facets of addiction and mental health, creating the proper stage for lasting recovery and revived happiness.

Your team of professionals will consist of a medical director, nurse, acupuncturist, massage therapist, chef, spiritual coach, art therapist, trainer, and other skilled staff members who make sure you are completely satisfied from the time you arrive until you graduate.

Our objective is to discover what is causing you to use medications, drugs or alcohol. When we locate the root of your dependence, we will start the diligent work to heal it. Our team of medical professional and therapists will personalize your treatment plan to ensure that you receive the finest care available.

The information on this site will guide you in your understanding of the truly revolutionary methods developed by the Alternative to Meds Center. We are located in Sedona, Arizona.


Recover in one of the most beautiful areas in the USA!

What we offer is so unique; there really is not a conventional term for it. For addicts and alcohol problems, we seek and strategically find what causes the addictive biochemistry that drives the cravings. And for mental health, we use a combination of orthomolecular and environmental medicine. Orthomolecular medicine seeks to use naturally occurring nutrients at optimum molecular  levels so as promote brain health. Environmental medicine is the art of determining how environmental toxin burden accumulates within a person, how it effects physiology and neurochemistry, and how to clean up the burden so that normal function may be restored.

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Success Stories

"Alternative to Meds Center made it possible for me to stop taking anti-anxiety medication. I was on prescription anxiety medications for around 8 years. I had frequently tried to come off of them. I could not function without benzodiazepines. My at home withdrawal was so bad that I was sent to the hospital. ATMC has provided me priceless guidance, nutritional education and compassion. This gave me the help necessary to end my dependence to anti anxiety medication. Thank you Alternative to Meds Center".
- E.B.

"Alternative to Meds Center has been a great success. I was taking three different prescription medications when I started the program, including Valium ( Diazepam ). The medications I was taking caused me to feel depressed and mentally drained. By slowly tapering me off the medication and balancing my brain chemistry with supplementation and amino acids, the ATMC staff helped me get off drugs. Alternative to Meds Center offered a healthy environment with multiple healing activities. Thank you to ATMC for all of the help and all that they do."
- N. F.
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