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Holistic Mental Health Treatment

At Alternative to Meds Center, we have validated Holistic Mental Health Treatment through evidence-based studies. 
To our mind, there is a lot more involved in mental health and addiction treatment than medicating symptoms.
Physical and mental illnesses are often symptoms of larger imbalances that, in reality, have little to do with a medication deficiency. The term holistic healing addresses all aspects of a person including the body, mind and spirit, with goals that go beyond medicating or masking symptoms.

Symptoms are generally the body crying out for help, and rather than listening to what is being missed, conventional drugging of symptoms alienates us even further. There is a relationship with ourselves and our own physiology that needs to be discovered and nurtured, rather than forgotten believing that a drug is going to create this relationship for us. 

It begins by taking personal accountability and having less dependency on medications that can compromise mental health. In fact, we aim to help you remove the dependency on pain and psychiatric medications for good.

True Holistic Healing

Our ENTIRE program is top notch holistic, not just a few add-on parts.

From the positive philosophies we impart to the science-level food programs, supplements, and guidance we provide that helps each person figure out their unique situation…even on a genetic level.
This Includes:

Through a deep personal assessment of your health, we uncover other underlying issues that may have been precursors to drug dependency but may also hamper the ability to come clean. With an individualized treatment plan, using a variety of these methodologies that not only support healthy living but can be easily continued throughout your life, chemical codependency can be a part of your past.

Medication Withdrawal
One of the main goals people come to us for is medication reduction, and where possible, elimination of psychiatric and pain medication.

To do this, we support the person with a unique combination of supplementation, genetic studies, organic diets, dedicated and personalized care management, investigative research into medical contributors, Chinese medicine, appropriate licensed counseling, AND an entire cacophony of holistic modalities including, with a specific educational track so that you can understand these therapies and how to take them home for use in your life.

We provide lab testing and additional investigative processes to rule out and uncover the root of symptoms. Some of the labs that residents receive include testing for vitamin and mineral levels, and metabolic testing for appropriate personalization of diet. The results of these tests give us information about specific causes of addiction and mental health issues. We are then able to work up an individualized plan that corrects the underlying issues, resulting in substantial relief or complete absence of symptoms.

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