Naturopathic for Mental Illness

Naturopathic for Mental Illness

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If you have been told that prescription medications are the treatment option for mental health, naturopathic for mental illness treatment is available.

Alternative to Meds Center’s belief is that psychiatric drugs are not lasting solutions. Our natural mental health treatment program provides sustainable drug-free therapies for mental illness and orthomolecular medicine models to discover the underlying reasons that caused mental health problems. Depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, psychosis and other mental illnesses can be treated without taking medication for the rest of your life. We offer an alternative solution and extensive education about managing mental health in sustainable, natural ways. Call us and find out about how our naturopathic mental health program addresses mental illnesses effectively without long term medication use. We’ve assisted thousands of people in regaining mental health naturally.

The main goal in naturopathic psychiatry is to establish what the underlying factors are that might have predisposed our clients to develop a mental health condition. Genetics, nutrient deficiency, environmental and toxic exposures are all taken into consideration. Meticulous assessment of these possible factors, including lab testing, physical evaluation, and a detailed history allows for personalized treatment to address underlying problems. Another objective of naturopathy is to enhance the client’s quality of life. With individuals who are on traditional medications, we work to decrease or eradicate the adverse effects of these drugs.
We also educate our clients about lifestyle and diet to enhance their health, motivating them to become active in their care. We work to discover why mental illness is occurring and correct the underlying causes.

Naturopathic for mental illness treatments go beyond acupuncture needles and massage manipulation. They include cognitive behavioral therapy, which challenges and changes negative thoughts and behaviors; emotional freedom techniques, which involve tapping on the “energy meridians” of the body while the client thinks about traumatic events; craniosacral therapy, which entails a gentle movement of the neck, spine, head and pelvis; and among other things, supplementation and vitamin therapies with natural substances such as amino acids, endorphin boosters, omega 3 fatty acids and more. A complex treatment plan is customized for each person.

Naturopathic for mental illness help treats the entire individual, calling on science and the person’s innate healing abilities. The naturopathic philosophy is the support of and belief in the body’s ability to restore itself to a place of health from effects of trauma, cumulative stress and other life challenges. Part of the naturopath’s role is to lead the client’s rehabilitation process by enhancing consciousness and awareness relating to their own inherent resources. Naturopathic mental health is based on the foundation of teaching the client how to be in charge of their own health care. In example, Alternative to Meds Center educates clients about self health care and makes recommendations regarding treatment options, both traditional and holistic. One of our goals is to teach clients to be their own experts in mental health care.

Since mental illness is often affected by our state of mind and emotions, the objective is to achieve emotional stability. This entails finding and removing the troubling emotional causes, whether they are psychological, physical, or spiritual. As with other types of mental health treatment, referrals to external sources, such as traditional medical doctors, are given when needed. Alternative to Meds Center does not regard an individual as just having a brain inside of a body, but as a collective brain-body-spirit entity. Emotional, mental, physical and spiritual issues act and react to each other, creating either health or a lack of health; stability or instability. We employ scientifically proven natural approaches to stabilize the body and mind.

Natural mental health treatments may include counseling, group therapy, support from peers, Chinese medicine, herbal remedies, holistic medicine, physical therapy and training, yoga, Chelation, sauna, nutritional therapy, meditation, deep breathing techniques, exercise, massage therapy, acupuncture, acupressure, IV nutrient treatments, detoxification, withdrawal from medication, drugs or alcohol, ionic footbaths, and several holistic therapies to induce relaxation and encourage mental health. If you are troubled by mental illness but haven’t received relief from traditional medicine, we may be able to help.

At Alternative to Meds Center, naturopathic for mental illness help is meant to produce long-term relief from mental health problems. To offer an alternative to traditional treatment that allows for lasting success, each client is given fully personalized treatment regimens, for example our Lamictal withdrawal prescription drug tapering program and many others. Our treatment center has a healing atmosphere with 24/7 attention, medical care, a dedicated staff, and we provide aftercare to further ensure that clients can continue to lead happy, productive lifestyles when they leave our facility. Call and find out more about the underlying causes of mental illness and how we address these problems with naturopathic and other alternative medicine. We can assist you in addressing mental health without drugs.