Successful Recovery from Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Successful Recovery from Drug and Alcohol Addiction

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Coming to ATMC was a blessing. With all the help I’ve tried in the past no place comes close to what I have experienced here at ATMC. I had no idea a place like this existed. It is very unique.

I came here four weeks ago as a broken person. I had very little hope and faith. I had no life. I existed only to use drugs and alcohol day in and day out. I lived to use and never wanted to feel. I wanted to die, I was alone in a dark place.

I’ve been to all sorts of rehabs since 2004 when I first lost my mother in a sudden and tragic death. I gave up on myself, my husband and my son. They brought me to a T. C. (Therapeutic community) where they made you work up to 12 hours a day and screamed in your face and had you do a lot of cleaning. It made me worse. That was just one of the many times I tried to get sober. Nothing was working.

They showed me so much compassion and genuine concern; so many things I never received anywhere else. The staff here really listened to my trauma I experienced when growing up and gave me advice and suggestions. I had no self worth or real contact with my higher power. I had shame, guilt and sadness of the way I had been living and hurting my body. They taught me how to begin to care about myself and accept myself which I haven’t done in years. They taught me how to laugh again and to believe that I am worth fighting for. Even though it’s just the beginning of my journey it’s the strongest I’ve been in many years. I want to live today. I have so much I want to do with my son. My AA meetings were a huge thing as well. Thank you to everyone here at ATMC.

Kathy G.