Drug Abuse

Drug Abuse

Drug Abuse

Drug abuse comes in a variety of forms and is prevalent among individuals of all locales.

Since the 1960’s or so, the term “drug abuse” has become a politically and socially confusing phrase. Doctors and patients are now confused about whether one is “abusing” or is “dependent” or “addicted” or whatever the buzz phrase in the news of the day may be. No small part of this confusion is being fostered by the protection and continuing profitability of legal drugs, which are addictive, mainly to line the coffers of the pharmaceutical companies and to assuage the guilt of practicing doctors who have bought into this ineffective and even damaging over prescribing of addictive medications, a phenomena we have witnessed over the last while.

The facts about prescription drug abuse are that this has resulted in overwhelmingly growing numbers of people who are now hooked on prescription drugs. For the purpose of marketing legal drugs, the pharmaceutical industry has mainly attempted to convert the addict abusing a street drug to a legal drug user. Heroin addicts are converted to methadone or Xanax, or some other combo. That is considered “moral” or “medicinal” drug use, and not “drug abuse” or “immoral”.Methamphetamine addicts are converted to psychotropics and not called addicts, but “bipolar”and “medication dependent”. Alcoholics are converted to Prozac or Zoloft, and if they relapse, well it is because they are diseased and are morally bankrupt.

The way that pharmaceutical companies view drug abuse can lead to even more complications.

By defining drug abuse as a moral issue, which criteria is based on whether the drug is a legal or illegal one, the addiction industry has been let loose and is booming, and the term drug abuse is heard less and less. Perhaps the moral implications of the term itself have made enough doctors squirm so that the term is being weaned out of current medical jargon. However, none of this is really pertinent to anyone’s true recovery – what really needs to happen is that the underlying causes of “needing and compulsively desiring excessive quantities of drugs” can be investigated, and corrected. Once the broken leg is healed, in other words, one generally throws away the crutches and the cast, that is unless one has been lead down the garden path and now finds addiction is ruining their life.

Our approach involves finding and correcting the underlying causes so that symptoms are relieved for good.

If one is frustrated with the revolving door of converting one drug addiction to another and one has had no real healing take place, perhaps it is now time to seek another course of action. Alternative to Meds Center will help by investigating and correcting the underlying causes of addictive behavior and unwanted symptoms. Call the number on this page to find out more about how “drug abuse” can be converted into “sustained health and wellness”.

Don’t continue to suffer unnecessarily.

Drug Abuse

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