Addiction to drugs or alcohol is an often misunderstood condition. Instead of being looked at as a package of symptoms, it is most often called a disease unto itself, but because its underlying addictive biochemistry is usually not investigated, the root causes remain neglected. Additionally, and sadly, drug or alcohol addiction becomes relegated to the “morally corrupt” category. Shocking statistics show that addiction costs 600 billion dollars a year in the US alone, taking into account cost of addiction treatment, loss of productivity, increased welfarism, and other related factors. Yet statistically, addiction continues to spiral out of control. There must be a better and more comprehensive set of methods of treatment for this often complex and baffling condition.

Addiction has underlying mechanisms that must be addressed in order for the chemical dependence to be effectively corrected

Research has shown that regardless of the type of addiction, the fact is that addiction has a pathway. Each individual had their own reasons and characteristics. But the biophysical chains of the addiction itself can be uprooted if you have the proper investigative and corrective tools. At Alternative to Meds Center, a number of lab testing regimens are employed that will determine what corrections need to occur. Then the next step would be to implement these corrective actions toward a return to normal. Counseling and many other therapies are also given in the program to help the individual adjust to their new norm. Educational classes empower the individual so they know how to stay well and healthy.

You do not have to continue suffering from addiction, there are treatments available that relieve withdrawal and physical dependence comfortably

Addiction whether to drugs or alcohol may have many complex issues and symptoms related to it, or driving it. Unless these are investigated and resolved using an individually profiled program, recovery can seem hit or miss or one can feel trapped in hopelessness about ever healing. Suffering can be a thing of the past. We offer tapering programs for Diazepam withdrawal and many other drugs. If you are looking for a different pathway to freedom from addiction call us today!


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