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Benzodiazepine Alternatives

Alternative to Meds Center recognizes that there are benzodiazepine alternatives and other resolutions for mental health problems than lifelong benzodiazepine use.

For people who struggle with anxiety or other related disorders and cannot tolerate benzodiazepines side effects, risks of addiction, or are non-responsive to treatment with these drugs; benzodiazepine alternatives can change your life. At Alternative to Meds Center, we provide benzodiazepine alternatives help that allows people to comfortably taper off anxiety medication and transition into using natural alternatives to benzodiazepines.

We have helped thousands of people get off of prescription drugs and overcome mental health problems with medication alternatives. Call for a free consultation

“I came to Alternative to Meds Center on prescription medications, I left clean and happy. I’m a believer in this program. The supplements, the nutrition and drug free corrections are large factors in feeling good naturally. I thank all of the people at ATMC for getting me back into excellent shape and for helping me get the enormous burden of medication related problems off my back”.


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Do you want to get off benzodiazepines and treat mental health naturally? But, you’re afraid of withdrawal, continuing anxiety or medication cravings?

Talking with a counselor, or support group, to openly discuss your feelings and find empowerment will encourage you to stay positive and allow you to connect with others that you can verbally express your feelings with. Through counseling you can start to challenge your anxiety, rationalize your negative thoughts and fears and learn to accept uncertainty. Focusing on diet and nutrition is very important in benzodiazepine alternatives treatment, including drinking plenty of water and avoiding things like caffeine. Nutrient deficiencies have also been found to contribute to mental disorders such as anxiety. Through nutrition, vitamins and supplements, these deficiencies can be corrected and make big differences in how we feel.

We work to find and correct the underlying reasons that are causing the symptoms which resulted in being medicated

Herbal remedies, orthomolecular medicine and natural therapies are often beneficial for people with anxiety, insomnia, depression and other mental health conditions. Alternative to Meds Center combines the necessary aspects of traditional medicine with the commonly overlooked aspects of holistic treatment to provide an integrative mental health approach. Unlike traditional doctors, practitioners who focus on the physiology of the brain are more likely to be better equipped to recommend the right alternative mental health treatments. Benzodiazepine alternative treatment modalities often include more than just one therapy. There are several tools that can be utilized as natural alternatives to benzodiazepines to help people overcome anxiety without prescription drugs.

Complex treatment programs are customized for each client’s success

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Through cognitive behavioral therapy ( CBT ), a type of talk therapy, you can learn how to undo negative and anxious thinking patterns and replace them with more positive and rational outlooks. When you start to feel anxious or get into a negative thought pattern, you can ask yourself if there is a better way to look at this situation. Other important parts of benzo alternatives include learning how to relax, relieving stress in healthy ways, and there are many easy, positive ways to achieve relaxation. Meditation is something we all do every day whether we realize it or not, as everyone practices meditation in their own way, and this is undoubtedly a wonderful exercise to practice on a conscious level regularly. Meditation is calming, balancing and tends to put things in perspective.

We use natural, scientific and drug-free approaches to balance brain function

Alternative to Meds Center provides the following methods for benzodiazepine alternatives help: lab testing, deep breathing skills, yoga, massage, acupuncture, sauna therapy, swimming, aromatherapy, biofeedback, counseling, dietary adjustments, and comprehensive nutrient therapies. Through talk therapy, lab testing and alternative to psychiatry methods, we can discover where your anxiety stems from and help you get rid of anything that no longer serves you. The benzodiazepine alternatives treatment that is commonly most successful is one that finds the real underlying reasons that cause symptoms of anxiety and personalizes treatment on an individual basis.

Do you want to see yourself, or someone you love, living a happy, healthy life without medication?

Underlying causes of anxiety can include neurotoxins, toxins; can build up in an individual’s system over their lifetime. The toxins can produce over-stimulated nervous system effects. A good example is pesticides. Pesticides are created to kill insects, such as grasshoppers, and works in this way: The toxin is absorbed into the exoskeleton, and then it finds its way into the nervous system. A pesticide will cause acetylcholine nervous system channels to remain open, not allowing the channels to be closed. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that is stimulating and it will cause a grasshopper to jump. Constant release of acetylcholine puts the grasshopper into catatonia and death. This is the way pesticides kill pests. Accumulation of this toxin occurs very similarly in humans, as the nervous system uses acetylcholine for stimulation also. Other toxins such as heavy metals, mold MSG mycotoxins, aspartame, and literally there are thousands of other chemicals in processed food and hygiene products that have similar effects.

Our goal is to teach clients to be their own experts on mental health

At Alternative to Meds Center, we find that in the majority of cases of chronic anxiety, there is an accumulation of neurotoxins including toxic heavy metals in the anxious individual which are over-stimulating their nervous system. Add to that increasing demand at work, foundering relationships, and other external stressors, it can be too overwhelming. Often this is where the person is at when prescribed anti anxiety medication. This is our most common class of medications addressed, as unsupported benzo discontinuation can be very difficult.

We can help you get off benzodiazepines with little discomfort and live without ongoing anxiety or the need for medication

Our methods may be diverse for this specific type of medication, but they include very careful medication withdrawal and taper techniques, neurotoxin removal, peer support, natural substances to create neurochemical support, orthomolecular nutrition, and many beneficial alternative mental health treatments such as acupuncture, massage, and sauna which are designed to induce relaxation and stability. We can offer help with Ativan alternatives, Klonopin alternatives, Xanax alternatives, Clonazepam alternatives, and other medication alternatives.

Our scientific approach to discontinuing medication and stabilizing brain function has helped thousands of people become mentally healthy

Has it ever felt as if you’ve tried everything to get rid of anxiety and stop taking benzodiazepines yet nothing helps? We’ve worked with over one thousand separate individuals in our 24 hour residential setting, and have come to be very familiar with this problem. Every week, former benzo users graduate from our benzodiazepine alternatives help program. Friends and family members attend who are surprised that we actually located a solution to the problem at hand, and that the participant has newfound knowledge on how to support a life of tranquility. Please call us and find out what may be done for the person you love, or for you. We are here so that this problem can be handled effectively.

Don’t delay your wish to seek benzodiazepine alternatives help. Admissions counselors are available to answers your questions.

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We are licensed for medication withdrawal as a Level 2 Residential Behavioral Health Treatment Center, which is just below that of a Level 1 hospital. According to our licensing agency, we are the most committed in the State of Arizona, possibly the country, at helping people reduce and eliminate the need for medications. Most treatment centers actually put people on drugs and provide minimal counseling and a poor diet. We specialize in withdrawing people from psychiatric medication in a relaxed, luxurious, retreat-like setting.


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