Clonazepam Alternatives

Clonazepam Alternatives

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At Alternative to Meds Center, we realize that there are Clonazepam alternatives and other answers to mental health issues besides lifelong use of Clonazepam.

For individuals who are struggling with anxiety, panic or other conditions and can’t put up with side effects, risks of physical dependence, or are not responsive to this medication; Clonazepam alternatives help can change your life. The Alternative to Meds Center provides Clonazepam alternatives treatment that allows individuals to safely and comfortably taper off of anti anxiety medication and start using effective, natural alternatives to Clonazepam.

When it comes to alternatives for Clonazepam, there are several options, and there are many reasons why people want to use an alternative to this drug. Clonazepam is part of the benzodiazepine class of drugs. This medication and the others of its type are known for highly addictive qualities, withdrawal symptoms if the user quits taking it, and several side effects or ineffectiveness; these are some of the reasons an individual may have for wanting to get off of this medication. Many choices exist that can effectively and alternatively treat the conditions and symptoms for which Clonazepam may have been prescribed. In addition to the successful natural options available for mental health treatment, Alternative to Meds Center is medically equipped to help individuals taper off of medication. Traditional mental health treatment with prescription medication is not the only option. You have a choice.

Often times when an individual asks their doctor about an alternative to this medication, the physician will put them on another benzodiazepine or other kind of prescription medication. As with Clonazepam, prescribing other medications can also cause serious side effects, dependency problems, symptoms of withdrawal if they are discontinued, and they also have the chance of being ineffective. The real way to get to the bottom of anxiety is by figuring out what is the underlying cause of it. We work to find and correct the underlying reasons that are causing the symptoms which resulted in being medicated.

We provide cognitive behavioral therapy as one of many natural alternatives to Clonazepam. Therapy or counseling can offer a lot of help to a person with anxiety or other conditions, as they can safely face their fears in a familiar and comfortable environment with their therapist. In addition to talk therapy, activities and therapies that are relaxing, healing, and generally good for the body can effectively aid in alternatively managing anxiety. There are many simple things a person can add to their daily habits to beat anxiety without benzodiazepines or other medications, these include: exercise, drinking plenty of water, maintaining a healthy diet, maintaining a healthy sleep pattern, and reducing certain things from one’s life such as caffeine, processed foods and sugar. Alternative to Meds Center provides a customized treatment regimen for each client that includes a comprehensive mixture of diet and nutrition therapy, counseling, sauna, detoxification, lab testing and more. Complex treatment regimens are custom made for each client’s success.

Other non-drug-based Clonazepam alternatives help may include: acupuncture or acupressure, aromatherapy, breathing techniques, herbal medicine, massage therapy, sedative herbal tea, meditation, diet and nutritional therapy, reflexology, shiatsu massage, vitamins and supplements, yoga, biofeedback, hypnotherapy, homeopathy, and naturopathy. Benzodiazepine drugs such as Clonazepam are prescribed usually before there has been adequate investigative effort to find why the person is suffering from anxiety. At Alternative to Meds Center, it has been identified in most cases of anxiety, that the individual has accumulated neurotoxins including toxic heavy metals which are producing over-stimulation to their nervous system. Often, this is what the cause is for the originating symptoms which may have led to being medicated with a benzodiazepine. We use natural, safe and proven approaches to stabilize brain function.

When a person wants to end use of this medication, Clonazepam withdrawal symptoms can emerge which cause severe anxiety and other extended withdrawal symptoms without professional help. Benzodiazepines are the class of drugs we most often address, since unguided withdrawal can be extremely difficult. Our methods on this specific class of drug include: peer support, gentle tapering techniques, removing accumulated neurotoxins collected in the individuals body due to use of the drug, the environment or other sources, use of natural substances for neurochemical support. Several therapies have been designed to benefit these individuals through promoting relaxation, including sauna, massage, acupuncture and meditation. Learn more to find out what the underlying reasons could be for why benzodiazepines were prescribed, and how we create effective Clonazepam benzodiazepine alternatives. We invite you to call us and learn more about the help available to you today if you are seeking Clonazepam alternatives.

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