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Trintellix Alternatives (vortioxetine)

Last Updated on January 10, 2024 by Carol Gillette

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The difference in cost between the prescription antidepressant Trintellix© vs natural Trintellix alternatives is mind-boggling, especially as inflation rages across the world. But for those whose focus rests on actual healing, the differences may be even more profound. Read on for strategic Trintellix alternatives for treating depression, loss of interest in life, and other manifestations without the troubling side effects associated with SSRIs.

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What is Trintellix?

Trintellix is a pricey SSRI (serotonergic) medication the FDA approved in 2013 for treating major depression in adults. Trintellix runs roughly $450 a month, compared to under $10/month for comparative SSRI products like fluoxetine (Prozac©) or sertraline (Zoloft©).2 But there may be other costs to consider.

Perhaps to help justify the price tag, the drugmaker attempted to prove the drug was not only effective in reducing depressive symptoms better than its cohort of other SSRIs but claimed that Trintellix might also improve cognitive function or “cloudy thinking.” Clinical trials failed to prove the case and drug regulators denied the claim.34 As a result, Trintellix is currently marketed as an “alternative” SSRI in the case of “treatment resistive depression,” as a drug of last resort rather than a first-line treatment.5

The Trintellix label discloses the same black box warning as all other antidepressants of increasing suicidality, which is most prevalent in the 24 and under age range. Hence, it only gained approval for ages 25 and up.1 Some experts in the field of mental health consider antidepressants, in general, do not make people happier, and the efficacy of these drugs remains unproven.14 Additionally, more information about Trintellix’s adverse effects will be presented below.

Natural Alternatives to Trintellix

Natural Alternatives to Trintellix include:
  • natural holistic alternatives to trintellixCBT and other forms of counseling 8
  • Lifestyle changes, replacing toxic habits with beneficial activities 31,38
  • Exercise 19-21
  • Diet modification 17,31,37
  • Bright light therapy 35
  • Neurotoxin removal 32,33
  • Support for healthy microbiome function through diet and supplementation 36
  • Orthomolecular medicine, replenishing vitamins, minerals, and use of herbal proven remedies 4,6,17,25-30,37

There are many other natural alternatives to Trintellix to consider either before starting a prescription, or that can be useful as part of a carefully monitored program to wean off Trintellix as comfortably as possible. More information follows on these subjects.

Why Consider Trintellix Alternatives?

The cost of treatment, the efficacy of treatment, and potential drug-induced side effects are three major issues that deserve careful consideration. Aside from the cost-benefit of Trintellix alternatives, Trintellix alternative treatments may be more desirable in that holistic or drug-free therapies do not induce devastating side effects that are associated with prescription drugs. One need not be forced into a trade-off of overall health and wellness for a modicum of relief (if any) in treating lingering depression.

Clinical trials on many Trintellix alternative treatments show at least as great if not better results than drug-based treatment outcomes. Herbal remedies such as St. John’s Wort, hypericum, passionflower, and many other non-pharmacological strategies have shown great promise in clinical trials. Further information on diet and supplementation options to consider is detailed below.

Trintellix Side Effects

Reported Trintellix side effects on the drug insert include:
  • trintellix black box warningSuicide risk:  most prominently in children and young adults to age 24.
  • Clinical worsening:  this category includes symptoms such as panic attacks, insomnia, hostility, irritability, anxiety, akathisia, impulsivity, aggressiveness, hypomania, and mania.
  • Worsened depression:  where treatment emergent depression occurs or worsens the prescribing information indicates the drug should possibly be discontinued.
  • Serotonin syndrome:  a potentially fatal reaction featuring high fever, disorientation, profuse sweating, coma, and unconsciousness. Trintellix is often used as an alternative medication where other antidepressants were without efficacy, so switching to Trintellix from another medication may present elevated risks of too much serotonin in the system, resulting in serotonin syndrome, and must be carefully monitored.
  • Gastrointestinal bleeding:  can lead to life-threatening hemorrhages.
  • Treatment-emergent hypomania (lasts for up to 4 days) or mania (lasts for 7 days or more).
  • Angle-closure glaucoma:  a condition where fluids around the iris are not able to drain properly, causing pressure in the eyes, blurred vision, severe head and eye pain, and sudden blindness. Angle-closure glaucoma requires immediate medical attention.
  • Angioedema:  a reaction to medication that causes hive-like swelling under the skin and mucous membranes. If breathing becomes constricted, the condition may become life-threatening.

Can Natural Alternatives to Trintellix Help Avoid Side Effects?

Research has shown that non-pharmacological treatments for depression can be very effective, with the added benefit of not producing the adverse effects associated with antidepressants. According to research published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 75% of prescriptions for antidepressant medications come from GPs, rather than mental health practitioners.24

While GPs do an excellent job in diagnosing and treating physical infections, injuries, broken bones, and other physical ailments, why should anyone expect them to be mental health experts too? These physicians are not trained in mental health. Could this be why the majority of patients coming to a doctor for help with depression receive a quick prescription, and no information is given about alternatives to Trintellix? One would be well-advised to consult with professionals who are adequately informed about both drugs AND drug-free alternatives to Trintellix. And why do so many patients tell us that they were never informed about possible side effects of the medications they were prescribed? Could it be because the doctors themselves were never informed in medical school? 4,39

Therapy as an Alternative to Trintellix

Therapy is never a one-size-fits-all affair. Despite feeling perhaps fragile and unsure about making correct treatment choices, one can take time to actually interview a number of potential therapists before embarking on a course of treatment, to establish confidence or lack thereof, and assess if they are a good fit for you.

An interesting study published in the Journal of Psychotherapy Practice and Research found that, given the opportunity to choose between therapists, 75% of patients did not ultimately choose the first available therapist.7

While we tend to think of counseling in a one-on-one setting, take time to consider additional modes of therapy as there are quite a number of approaches available. Here are some examples:

  • Group sessions vs private sessions
  • Virtual therapy accessed on-line
  • Cognitive-behavioral counseling (CBT) 8
  • Trauma and grief counseling
  • Vocational-related counseling such as stress management or exploring more satisfying career choices
  • Therapy designed for seniors, single parents, family counseling, or other personal interests either in peer-support-group or private settings

Dietary Changes and Supplements as Alternatives to Trintellix

essential nutrition as alternatives to trintellixIn the middle of a mental health crisis, it may not be the first thing that comes to mind to modify the diet. Root causes for mental symptoms are often overlooked and not investigated at all. A diagnosis or label is not synonymous with a solution and may feel more like a dead end.

However, a deficiency in certain vitamins confirmed by testing has been frequently correlated with patients suffering symptoms of depression, insomnia, and other unwanted symptoms. Replenishing vitamins and minerals has been found highly efficacious as a treatment option for depression (and other symptoms) and is a much-researched alternative to Trintellix. Drugs may simply mask symptoms and are not designed to fix the root cause. Here are some examples of dietary changes including supplementation that may provide effective alternatives to Trintellix or other antidepressants:

  • Supplements shown in clinical trials to help relieve depression:  St John’s Wort, hypericum, saffron extracts, passionflower, quercetin, B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin D, magnesium, Omega-3 fatty acids, tryptophan, zinc, probiotics.4,6,17,25-30
  • Improve diet:  eat organic where possible to avoid toxic pesticides, choose unprocessed foods without the neurotoxic chemicals used in commercial processing, consume food-based probiotics like sauerkraut or yogurt, avoid sugars and refined carbs that spike blood sugar resulting in fatigue and low mood, incorporate daily intake of fresh fruits and vegetables — fruits and vegetables are rich sources of vital nutrients such as magnesium, zinc, calcium, folic acid, potassium, and many others.17,31

Lifestyle Changes as an Alternative to Trintellix

trintellix alternative lifestyle changesChange can be difficult. What we decide one day would be helpful, often gets discarded because of exhaustion, fatigue, self-sabotage, lack of support, or lack of self-discipline in carrying through on our best intentions. Whether one uses the services of a lifestyle coach, or simply begins to thoughtfully re-design one’s lifestyle and day-to-day activities, there are many potential benefits to be had in making such changes. You may feel overwhelmed today. Tomorrow, can you be a bit more proactive? Consider these examples:

  • Regular, good-quality sleep. Remove blue light and electronics from the bedroom, keep the bedroom well ventilated, and use dust-free pillows and a comfortable mattress. Avoid caffeine some hours before retiring. Explore natural and herbal sleep remedies such as 5THP, melatonin, magnolia, rosemary, ginseng, and angelica root. Many of the following interventions will also have positive spill-over impacts on the quality of sleep, and this can greatly benefit one’s mental health.15,16
  • Strive for eating healthy foods and don’t skip meals. Some examples of dietary recommendations are given in more detail in the earlier section entitled “Dietary Changes and Supplements as Alternatives to Trintellix.”
  • Dissolve or at least distance yourself from toxic relationships.10
  • Make new friends, and spend more time with people you like.9
  • If you dislike your job, consider a career change.11
  • If financial stress is on your list, seek financial advice and begin a plan to work it out. 11
  • Volunteer activities: helping others is considered by some to be life’s “secret sauce” that leads to authentic happiness, profound satisfaction, and even a longer lifespan.18
  • Daily or regular exercise — outdoor walks, swimming, Tai Chi, Qi gong, yoga, dance! 19-21
  • If you dislike where you live, consider moving.22
  • Check for possible toxic exposures: mercury amalgams, mycotoxins from mold, off-gassing carpets and furniture, toxic cookware, chemicals in cleaning products or personal hygiene items, etc. in the home or workplace and remove the source, or in the case of irreparable exposure situations, such as living next to a chemical plant, consider relocating if there is no other option.32,33
  • Religion and spirituality have shown practical, positive effects on mental health in clinical trials.12
  • Pick an enjoyable hobby, art project, or resurrect an activity you liked in the past.23
  • Dedicate some time to listening to music you love — neuroscience claims it can be dramatically transformational.13

Even small changes can reap great rewards, so start as small as you like, and remember that self-compassion is also highly therapeutic.8 Realize there is no perfect person or perfect life anywhere on earth, and we all have experienced failures somewhere in our lives. You don’t have to ignore or succumb to the things that you wish to change but find difficult to overcome. Take a moment to consider if it’s possible to be less self-critical and demanding of yourself. Could you be kinder to yourself, just as you would wish others to be kind to you? And practice self-compassion just as much as you would also wish to be kind and benevolent to others?

Effective Trintellix Alternatives at Alternative to Meds Center

holistic treatment substance abuse sedona drug rehabAlternatives to Trintellix have been combined into a multi-faceted program, using therapies such as those outlined plus many more. We apply clinically proven techniques to reduce stress, worry, depression, insomnia, and anxiety, while at the same time offering safe and comfortable drug withdrawal where needed.

Alternative to Meds is a nurturing, pristine, and compassionate facility nestled in the majestic Red Rocks in Sedona Arizona. Your inquiry is welcome and we will be happy to give you additional information on the details of our holistic programs as well as insurance coverage and any other questions you or your loved one may have. Contact us today for more information on alternatives to Trintellix and how these principles may change your life and help you finally recover your natural mental health without prescription drugs.


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Trintellix Alternatives (vortioxetine)
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