Klonopin Addiction

Klonopin Addiction

At Alternative to Meds Center, we recognize that there are better solutions for anxiety than a lifetime of Klonopin use which often leads to Klonopin addiction.

When users attempt to end their addiction to Klonopin, some of the toughest withdrawal symptoms of any drug can arise. We have identified Klonopin addiction help methods that simplify this experience and ease withdrawal symptoms.

Many years ago, if an individual wanted to feel “high”, it was common practice to drink excessive amounts of alcohol. However, the advent of prescription drugs has undoubtedly caused a new wave of drug abuse with commonly prescribed drugs like Klonopin and consequently Klonopin addiction symptoms. This medication is a benzodiazepine, and a highly potent muscle relaxant, anticonvulsant, and anxiolytic among other things. It is often used recreationally, and in conjunction with other drugs to increase the effects resulting from use of the primary drug. Some individuals also use this drug to self-medicate, to come down from cocaine high, or to prevent negative side effects of another drug. To overcome these problems, Klonopin addiction treatment is needed. Alternative to Meds Center knows how to navigate the complex waters of benzodiazepine addiction, and our clients are alleviated of troubling withdrawal effects. We can effectually relieve anxiety and withdrawal so that Klonopin addiction recovery can occur without discomfort.

Klonopin is prescribed for the following conditions: epilepsy, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, restless leg syndrome (RLS), insomnia, chronic fatigue, Tourette syndrome, and schizophrenia. Addiction to Klonopin can form in a number of different ways. Many individuals who are prescribed to benzodiazepines become addicted to them unintentionally. After long term use; Klonopin dependence and abuse is extremely likely to occur. Prescription drugs have also become immensely popular among teenagers. Most teenagers have easy access to benzos, and many high schools and parents give their teenagers drug tests but these medications often are not included in the regular battery of testing for drugs. Alternative to Meds Center is equipped to address physical dependence and medication addiction with scientifically proven measures. Klonopin addiction doesn’t have to be faced alone. We employ unique, scientific solutions that can help you.

This medication is also sold on the street, it can be sold for anywhere from two to ten dollars a pill. Teenagers compare the effects of benzodiazepines to feeling drunk. However, the potentially adverse Klonopin side effects are much greater than those which are associated with alcohol. Klonopin abuse and high dosage use can lead to Klonopin overdose, and when mixed with alcohol or other drugs; it has an especially dangerous effect. Use of Klonopin can also snowball into other addictions with other drugs, this can happen remarkably easily in individuals who are already prone to addiction. This addiction can often start with just one prescription. After some people have felt the effects once, they cannot get enough and constantly crave more. Alternative to Meds Center looks for the underlying reasons of addictive biochemistry and mental health symptoms. We not only provide effective Klonopin addiction help, we also help clients address the problems that led them to addiction. Our professional team searches for the underlying causes of addiction.

Klonopin addiction can even develop in individuals who take the medication as prescribed and have no intention of abusing it or being addicted to it as benzodiazepines are known to have an addictive nature. Individuals who take Klonopin for anxiety related disorders may receive so much relief that they become addicted to the anxiety and tension relieving effects of the drug. Benzo addiction can begin to consume a person’s entire life, and if the prescribing doctor notices addictive tendencies in a patient; they may stop giving prescriptions. Then many individuals start looking for drugs on the street or try to get prescriptions from several doctors, and if they can’t find it they may use any other drugs they can find to avoid Klonopin withdrawal symptoms. Even the underlying reasons for Klonopin use can be addressed better without this medication.

The effects of benzodiazepine withdrawal can be easily managed with the help of a medical professional. Even if you have been abusing this medication or do not have a prescription, do not hesitate to talk to your healthcare provider or a rehab about how to get off Klonopin. Benzo addiction can only lead nowhere fast; seeking professional help is the first and most crucial step towards overcoming addiction. Klonopin is prescribed to lessen anxiety or promote sleep, but long-term use of these drugs often brings on more problems than the drug was meant to address, such as addiction and pronounced symptoms of withdrawal. Alternative to Meds Center believes and has seen that effective alternatives are available for mental health besides medication. Don’t wait until your addiction to Klonopin worsens; we have real help that is available right now.

To understand why addiction to benzodiazepine Klonopin withdrawal may occur, the way the medication works must be understood first. So, the benzodiazepine causes the nerve synapse to be more accessible to GABA, but less accessible to Calcium. The main inhibitory neurotransmitter of the body is GABA. GABA filters the intenseness of nerve impulses. Use of these medications causes the body to use all available GABA, when there is no GABA, everything can become painfully over-stimulating. Acute withdrawal is the body’s acute inability to lessen nerve impulse, so every sight, noise, and sensation can feel torturous. The medication has spent all the GABA, and when there is none, the body is unable to regulate stimulation. This area can be navigated carefully to make withdrawal much more tolerable. An individual must choose a slow and careful withdrawal which their body can comfortably handle. Additionally, the sudden Calcium influx can cause heightened muscle contractions, or even seizures. Withdrawal is often a sign of the brain trying to stabilize itself. We know how to make this transition to balance comfortable.

Our staff includes medical professionals who create custom Klonopin addiction recovery plans. Withdrawal from this medication may present extreme anxiety, and protracted withdrawal. This type of medications is the one which we most commonly address, as withdrawal without support can be almost impossible to endure. Our Klonopin alternatives program includes diverse methods for this specific class of medications but includes cognitive behavioral therapy, careful tapering techniques, detoxification of accumulated neurotoxins in the individuals system due to environmental sources and use of the drug, neurochemical support with natural substances, support from peers, nutritional therapy, diet therapy, and benefits of several therapies designed for relaxation including meditation, acupuncture, massage, and sauna. Medical professionals create individualized treatment regimens for each client.

With most individuals, rapid Klonopin addiction treatment doesn’t fix their problem since anxiety is still there once the medication is gone. Our goal is long term success, relief and abstinence. An admissions counselor can answer any questions you may have. Please call in order to know what kind of Klonopin addiction help is available to your loved one, or you.

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