Jordan K. - Success Story - Alternative To Meds

Success Withdrawing from Zyprexa, Lithium, Ambien and Antidepressants

Sticking to the Alternative to Meds Center diet and supplement regimen gave me the ability to transition off of most of my medications.

Before I arrived at Alternative to Meds Center I was numb, flat, and unmotivated. Being on high doses of several medications when I came in had left me just a shell of myself. I arrived at the center on Zyprexa, Lithium, Ambien and an antidepressant. I was able to successfully work myself off of most of these, especially the most harmful ones.

Almost a year ago, when I had to be hospitalized for severe depression, anxiety, and psychosis, my psychiatrist told me to plan on being on medications for the next 70 years. The last two years have been a process of trying different medications, going to rehab and being in the hospital. Then, the summer before coming to Alternative to Meds Center I was in and out of the hospital again, just trying to get stable.

Although I was finally able to reach some stability with the medications, there was a greater problem that came along with them. I was over stabilized, unfeeling, and emotionless. My drive had disappeared with the high levels of medication. I didn’t feel like myself and I isolated because I didn’t feel human. The medications took away my creativity and my inspiration. Sticking to the Alternative to Meds Center diet and supplement regimen gave me the ability to transition off of most of my medications. Especially in the last year, being stable for a short period of time alone was such a success.

But being stable and not being on high levels of medication? I hadn’t thought this was possible, especially after all the doctors I had consulted with previously. I’ve always had lingering depression and anxiety. I made the transition off of most of the meds without any severe depression, even the anxiety has almost gone away. Although the detoxing and supplement taking has been a huge part of the process, I couldn’t have made it without the help and support of the Alternative to Meds Center staff.

It was tough coming into a new environment with new faces when I was already doing so poorly. However, with encouragement from my case manager and counselors, I got through the rocky moments and started slowly seeing the progress I was making. It really had a snowball effect, the more I leaned into the process and trusted what my counselors were telling me. The positivity I had lost prior to coming to Alternative to Meds Center came back and helped shaped my experience in a completely different way than I had ever imagined could happen.

I went from trying to get through each hour, just trying to get through the day, to looking forward to the future. I started seeing my goals and hopes come back. I was able to relate to people again and make solid relationships. Most importantly, I stopped merely surviving and started living again.
Jordan K.