Natural Medicine for Bipolar

Natural Medicine for Bipolar

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If you or someone you love has been told the only treatment for bipolar disorder is psychiatric medication, natural medicine for bipolar is available.

Alternative to Meds Center realizes that medication is not a lasting solution. Our residential treatment program employs drug free correction methods that are based on orthomolecular medicine to discover the underlying causes of bipolar disorder.

Mood swings, anxiety and depression can be naturally treated. Don’t allow yourself to be trapped in a never ending cycle of taking medication and visiting psychiatrists. We provide an alternative that will educate you about dealing with mental health problems naturally. To find out more about bipolar symptoms and how our residential mental health center provides a way for people to overcome bipolar disorder without long term use of medication, call an Admissions Counselor. Are you or a loved one suffering from with bipolar symptoms, and unable to get the relief you need from conventional medicine?

It is typical to have good and bad days as well as ups and downs, but as a common rule it is crucial to retain a middle ground or inner calm to which we return. However, people with bipolar symptoms experience extreme mood swings. They have a propensity to lose their internal balance, discovering themselves at extreme and opposite ends of the emotional scale. They can even find themselves switching between periods of mania or exuberant elation, when everything seems possible, and periods of bottomless miserable depression which can leave them in bed for several days or weeks unable to perform in their daily lives. We know how to balance the brain and body with safe, natural drug free approaches. You can stop suffering from bipolar symptoms and medication side effects.

One of the difficulties with bipolar disorder is that those struggling with the disorder are usually unaware of the seriousness and disturbance caused by their sporadic mood states. In the throes of a manic mood, the person is often convinced that absolutely nothing is abnormal about their behavior, and sometimes that may even declare that they’ve never felt better. Because of this, it is commonly friends, family or medical professionals who observe a problem and recommend professional treatment. When left untreated, the effects of bipolar symptoms can be incredibly disturbing and even dangerous. Don’t delay your desire to receive natural medicine for bipolar. We use scientifically proven, drug-free approaches to stabilize brain function.

Individuals in manic states have had a propensity to take large irrational risks which could have severe consequences such as car accidents, bankruptcy, getting fired or unintentionally hurting others or themselves. Depressive moods are just as dangerous. Suicide rates are reported to be very high with this disorder. If you see these symptoms in others or yourself, you are encouraged to call our professional staff now.

Help for Bipolar Disorder. While prescription medication is the most traditionally given treatment for bipolar disorder, all of the medications prescribed for this disorder have various side effects, and some of these side effects can be quite severe. In some cases, the use of medication does not help bipolar symptoms or even makes them worse. Alternative to Meds Center uses cutting edge techniques, such as orthomolecular bipolar disorder treatment, to help people come off of prescription medications safely and comfortably. If you are currently on medication, we are equipped to provide medically supervised medication withdrawal relief and natural treatment for bipolar disorder. Do you wish to see yourself, or a loved one, living life in ways you know are achievable? We aim to teach our clients how to be their own mental health self care experts.

An extremely useful bipolar holistic treatment is talk therapy. Talk therapy, as well as other counseling treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy ( CBT ) can be incredibly beneficial in helping you overcome bipolar disorder. Your talk therapist can help you discover the things that trigger your bipolar episodes such as extreme stress and lifestyle, or may help you in altering certain behaviors during a manic or depressive state. CBT addresses negative thought patterns and distorted views of one’s self and the world. As the name cognitive behavioral therapy suggests, there are two primary parts to CBT: Cognitive therapy helps change negative thinking and cognitions that contribute to bipolar symptoms. Behavioral counseling helps change the way one acts in mood triggering situations.

Natural Medicine for Bipolar. Natural remedies for bipolar symptoms feature lab testing to identify any potential vitamin or mineral deficiencies, natural substances targeted to stabilize the neurochemistry, IV nutrient treatments, supplements, and calming herbs. Each person is given an entirely customized treatment plan, depending on the exact needs of their distinct biochemical makeup. At Alternative to Meds Center, we believe that food is a part of medicine. We use orthomolecular medicine for bipolar disorder to help correct underlying problems and create mental and physical stability. Additional remedies include dietary changes, nutritional therapies, vitamin and mineral therapies, removal of chemicals and built up environmental toxicity, sauna, ionic footbaths, and much more depending on the specific client’s needs. We focus on finding the underlying causes of bipolar symptoms. Our professional team creates a custom plan for each client’s success.

Genetic, environmental and neurochemical factors likely contribute to the emergence and progression of bipolar symptoms. Stress is commonly blamed as a cause of mood swings, anxiety and depression, but the source of stress and other similar problems is usually physical in nature. Hypoglycemia is one of the primary physical causes of stress. Hypoglycemia includes a range of emotional and mental symptoms such as anxiety, nervousness, restlessness, depression, irritability, violent outbursts, inability to concentrate and mood swings. Hypoglycemia solutions include nutrient and dietary recommendations and intake of supplements and vitamins. Hypoglycemia may be implicated in a number of bipolar disorder cases.

Foods for Overcoming Bipolar Disorder. Many individuals struggling with this disorder find it beneficial to eliminate specific foods from their dietary regimen. Excluding alcohol and drugs is essential for people with bipolar, as alcohol and other drugs are depressants that can cause mood swings. Sugar is another food which can trigger mood swings. Simple sugars such as those in desserts are known to worsen mood swings. It’s imperative to stay away from caffeinated food and drinks like chocolate, coffee and soda. These can boost energy and mood temporarily, however they may result in exhaustion ( crash ) later. A natural mental health addiction treatment program that provides a healthy foods diet is necessary for the brain and body to receive the proper amount of nutrients and vitamins daily. Eating a whole meal with vegetables, fruits, fish and poultry products, can assist someone with this disorder in overcoming mood swings. A healthy brain is one that is well feed and clear of chemicals.

The goal at Alternative to Meds Center is to provide clients with natural medicine for bipolar that is going to offer long term relief and success. To provide effective, lasting natural medicine for bipolar disorder, a personally tailored alternative mental health plan is created for each client. Nontraditional bipolar treatments include cognitive behavioral counseling, group therapy, exercise, physical training, dietary correction, nutritional therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, meditation, yoga, vitamins and supplements, lab testing to identify any underlying medical issues, and several healing activities and educational courses. We also provide 24/7 residential care in a luxury mental health retreat environment with medical attention, compassionate staff members, and comprehensive aftercare treatment that helps clients to maintain the lifestyle they’ve built once they leave our center. Our scientific approach to balancing brain function and ending medication has helped thousands of individuals become mentally healthy. Admissions counselors are ready to answer your questions.