I Was Very Skeptical… But It Has Literally Changed My Life

I Was Very Skeptical… But It Has Literally Changed My Life

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When I first arrived at ATMC, I was very skeptical that this program would work for me. I had tried many different treatments with negative results and it was hard to imagine myself getting better. My anxiety and depression were consuming my life and I felt like I was struggling to stay afloat. On top of this, I had been prescribed a host of medications that made me feel like a zombie, where I just didn’t feel anything at all. I felt like I was a hopeless case and like this program was going to be a failure for me just like so many other things I had tried.

Right after I got to ATMC, things got even worse. I got very sick and had to visit the ER twice. I felt like just giving up and leaving the program. However, I continued to get up, go to the Detox Shoppe, attend therapy, and work the program. And after a couple of weeks, I started noticing changes in my anxiety and depression. I was happier, I had less ruminating thoughts, I felt more hopeful, and I also started feeling physically better.

I now feel like I have a handle on my anxiety and depression, like I have a confidence in myself that was never there before. The time I spent at ATMC’s holistic recovery program was very difficult, but it has literally changed my life in ways that other treatments couldn’t.