Lorazepam Addiction 

Lorazepam Addiction

Lorazepam addiction affects a significant number of patients, even more so in elderly persons than younger age groups.

Statistics show that benzodiazepine drugs are often prescribed "as needed," for insomnia or anxiety. Benzodiazepine drugs are fast acting and might seem to help when used sparingly, something of a last resort. But although chronic use contradicts best FDA recommendations, a great number of people become trapped into taking the drug regularly and over a long period. When this occurs, there can be complications due to the drug causing unwanted side effects that begin to emerge over time, but also harsh withdrawals when attempting to stop the drug. That "catch-22" describes addiction to lorazepam, and it's a tough one to beat without help. The FDA warns not to try to abruptly stop benzodiazepine drugs, as it can be life-threatening to do so.

Doctors have recently come under fire for overprescribing harsh medications, especially after overlooking a vast number of alternative treatments that could have been utilized to treat common ailments such as insomnia or anxiety. While it is no small thing to be sleep deprived, there are ways to investigate the root cause for the troublesome condition and apply corrective measures through things like diet changes, lifestyle or habit changes, removing electronic devices from the bedroom and a multitude of others.

But for those unfortunate persons who unwittingly became addicted to medications such as lorazepam, do not lose hope. There are valid ways to turn the condition around and get off the drugs if the person wants to make that change. Our program is here to provide that needed help.

The Alternative to Meds Center Treats Lorazepam Addiction

Holistic treatments for addiction are our primary focus. We aim to investigate the causes of unwanted symptoms such as anxiety or insomnia and put into practice real-world solutions for the problem.

For example, if toxins such as mercury, lead, pesticides, food additives, etc. accumulate in the body, these are likely culprits for overstimulation of the CNS. This overstimulation can result in difficulties with sleep, chronic rumination, worry or anxiety that keeps a person in a state of near constant exhaustion from stress and lack of sleep. We have observed virtually every client who has experienced relief of these symptoms after cleansing these neurotoxins out of the body.

Our program is designed to support this goal using such treatments as:

  • low-temperature sauna
  • supplements to convert fat-soluble toxins to water-soluble, more easily passed through sweat and urine, without burdening the liver.
  • clean nutrient dense diet and targetted supplements
  • nebulized glutathione treatments
  • chelation
  • mineral baths and much more.

Clients who undergo the cleanse phase of treatment report significant improvements in sleep, appetite and general mood and energy levels. It is at this juncture that we can begin the slow, safe taper from benzo drugs under the careful monitoring of clinical and medical staff. The process is not expected to be instant but allows for gentle and steady improvements and relief day by day.

Addiction Counseling and Life Coaching

The program also provides personal coaching and counseling sessions, to balance the focus of treatment between recouping both physical and mental improvements in well-being. Persons who have been on benzo drugs longterm have often reached a point where so much attention has been stolen by how horrible they feel, that their life, in general, may have broken down to a dysfunctional unrecognizable mess. Counseling can help to begin to put the pieces back together in a meaningful way, with the guidance and utmost compassion provided by our counsellors.

Exercise and Physical Well-Being

Our program also encourages light exercise and stretching. Ample opportunities abound for outdoor walks and hiking in the Red Rock Mountains and trails nearby, and indoor instructor-led yoga stretching and relaxation. The body responds to exercise with improved circulation, muscle tone, and release of endorphins and other benefits that support improved mood, sleep, and appetite. Our clients find the serene outdoor environment to be calming, and ample outdoor seating is provided just to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the center.

Find Out More About Our Program

Call us at the number on this page, and we can provide you with much more detailed information on the various treatment phases of the Lorazepam withdrawal program. We welcome the opportunity to discuss treatment options with you, and we can inquire about insurance coverage on your behalf which usually will cover at least a portion of the fees. Call today and find out how you or your loved one can get the help that is needed to improve overall health and resolve lorazepam addiction.

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