Clonazepam Withdrawal

Clonazepam Withdrawal

Clonazepam withdrawal can be extremely problematic, which is why the Alternative to Meds Center provides a dedicated, holistic program that safely tapers clients off this and other benzodiazepine medications.

Withdrawing incorrectly and without preparation can lead to failure, causing overwhelming and extreme reactions. These typically include:

  • interrupted sleep, insomnia, nightmares
  • heart irregularities, palpitations
  • muscle pains, persistent aches
  • high anxiety, panic attacks
  • physical loss of coordination, trouble with maintaining one's balance, dizzy, reeling feelings, disorientation
  • pacing, agitation, trembling, spastic movements
  • suicidal thoughts, deep depression, dark moods

How to Prepare for Clonazepam Withdrawal Properly

To avoid and lessen the potential for clonazepam withdrawal symptoms, one of the first actions at Alternative to Meds Center is to clear toxicity from the body. This process removes neurotoxic elements that would otherwise further aggravate withdrawal symptoms commonly experienced while coming off the drug. Gentle but effective methods of toxin removal are used during the program which include chelation, low-temperature sauna, mild exercise, strictly controlled diet, and other ways to assist the client.

Research shows that toxic elements act negatively on neurons and other cells, which is an undesirable liability when trying to taper off a potent drug such as Clonazepam. Neurotoxins such as pesticides from food, chemicals from industrial cleaners or work environments, airborne pollution, food additives and many other sources can create a host of troublesome symptoms until removed, including brain fog, racing heart, nausea, insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, overstimulation, and many other uncomfortable feelings.

For example, pesticides are neurotoxic, and cause adverse reactions not only to insects but also humans in a similar fashion. The insect becomes overstimulated and eventually dies from this response. Neurotoxins tend to accumulate and linger in the fat cells, for instance, brain cells are high in fat. So over a lifetime, these toxic elements can gather there and cause overstimulation to occur. When the system is overstimulated, this can cause the heart to race, or anxiety or panic attacks or the sensation of an uncontrollable adrenaline rush. These symptoms can be profoundly disturbing to the person who suffers them. In many cases, these symptoms could have been significantly linked to the need to turn to a prescription drug like Clonazepam in the first place. So, purging these neurotoxins from the body, relieves and calms the patient, even before starting their Clonazepam tapering phase.

Gradual Clonazepam Withdrawal Recommended

Alternative to Meds Center never uses the "cold turkey" approach to drug withdrawal, nor does the program attempt to withdraw the client too quickly from their medication. As recommended by the FDA, a gradual stopping of the drug is utilized and carefully monitored so that any clonazepam withdrawal symptoms or side effects can be quickly counter-acted. Alternative to Meds Center makes the well-monitored withdrawal phase slow, safe, and gentle.

WARNING: Stopping Clonazepam too abruptly can cause severe health threats such as stroke, heart attack, convulsions, and even death. Always seek professional guidance and oversight when attempting to taper from a potent drug like Clonazepam.

Alternative to Meds Center provides a program designed by and monitored by holistic physicians and caregivers, to help ease the client through their medication taper, by blending many helpful therapies that have proven effective such as:

  • food grade supplements, whole food nutritional support, a mostly organic clean nutrient dense diet free of processed foods, preservatives or other toxic elements.
  • gentle exercise, swimming, outdoor hikes, mineral baths, massage, Reiki, cranial sacral massage, yoga.
  • life coaching, addiction counseling, personal counseling in private sessions, peer support, and much more.

All of these holistic treatment methods will boost the person's health back up where the client can begin to experience robust good health, energy, and a much more positive outlook on the future.

Best Help for Clonazepam Withdrawal Symptoms Available Today

Clonazepam withdrawal symptoms can be debilitating, and can include such things as blurred vision, difficulties with speech, bouts of paranoia, unpleasant thoughts and memories that linger, ringing in the ears, severe headaches or other pains in the body, and many other ruinous and relentless symptoms.

Consider seeking professional, holistic guidance and help from the program offered by the Alternative to Meds Center. Our treatment plan may be precisely what you need. Call today and request more information on the program, and find out how easy it can be to enroll in our program for safe and effective Clonazepam withdrawal.

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